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Into the feeling

by:XY Screens     2021-08-18
Although I came here only half a month, but in this short month, it made me feel that the company's leaders are striving for excellence, continuous innovation, and meticulous care of the employees-making me feel lucky to join. I am extremely proud to be a member of the company, and I believe that this kind of pride will make me more passionate about my work.  As a new employee entering a new working environment, although he has accumulated a certain amount of work experience in the past work, it is inevitable that he is still a little bit stressed when he first enters the company. In order to enable myself to enter the working state and adapt to the working environment as soon as possible, I should consult my colleagues in time if there is a problem, actively learn the professional knowledge required for work, and strive to improve my work efficiency. During this period of time, I learned a lot of knowledge, and I had a very fulfilling and happy life. No matter how tired it is, it is worth it! Here, I would like to thank the leaders and colleagues who helped me during this period of time because of their meticulous care. And the tireless help enabled me to liberate from that tension as soon as possible, so that I could adapt to the environment as soon as possible, and devoted myself to work! Because, as I know, every employee who cares about myself, Give every employee enough space to show themselves!    For me, it is a new environment that is different from the past, and all the people and things I touch are new. As a new employee, I will take the initiative to understand and adapt to the environment. At the same time, I will show my superiority to the company and establish good interpersonal relationships based on full trust and cooperation. In addition, I must always maintain a high learning passion, constantly add knowledge and improve skills to adapt to the company's development. I may be confused and stressed at work, but I believe that as long as I can correct my mentality and have full confidence to go forward bravely, I will be successful. Society is developing, information is growing, and challenges are increasing. I must not only use my own advantages, but also improve my own quality by learning from the experience of others. The company's development goals are magnificent and long-term. The company's development is the development of each of us. I believe that I have the ability to seize the opportunity and meet tomorrow's glory together.
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