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[Introduction of metal arc curtain and pillar curtain fusion technology system]

by:XY Screens     2021-11-04
With the rapid development of multimedia technology, Guohua Chuangshi (010-58476228) found that people have gradually forgotten the small-size projection screens, and focused their attention on the more atmospheric giant straight screen, arc screen and column screen fusion. . In some special occasions, such as theaters, cinemas, exhibition halls, etc., the ever-increasing screen size is far from satisfying people's exploration and pursuit of novelty things. Various types of special-shaped screens such as arc screens, ring screens, and dome screens are becoming more and more. It often appears in the design schemes of various display systems.

Arc screen and ring screen projection are also called arc screen and ring screen projection system, including arc screen system and ring screen system. It uses projection splicing technology and edge fusion technology to make a group of projectors work together, and finally project an entire undifferentiated huge image with curvature. Guohua Creation (010-58476228) is usually divided into:
Ring screen: the arc greater than 180 degrees is called the ring screen
Arc curtain: arc less than 180 degrees is called arc curtain
360° ring screen: the arc is 360 degrees and the fully enclosed is called 360° ring screen
Commonly used arc curtain and ring screen sizes are: 90° arc curtain, 120° arc curtain, 135° arc curtain, 180° arc curtain, 240° ring screen, 2700 ring screen, 360° ring screen. Generally, the suitable arc screen or ring screen size can be selected according to the customer's site environment, function and desired effect.

The ring screen projection system is the most popular projection system in theaters, exhibition halls, and experience centers. It can also be divided into stereo ring screen projection and non-stereo ring screen projection. As the name implies, the three-dimensional ring screen projection system is a highly immersive virtual simulation display environment. It first achieves the enveloping effect through a nearly 360° ring screen, increasing the audience's sense of immersion. Secondly, with some 3D materials, it will have a considerable impact on human vision. Finally, it can be used with various equipment, such as dynamic seats, to give people an immersive feeling from the senses. The entire system creates a new three-dimensional audiovisual experience through a huge ring screen, a realistic picture, and a real surround sound system.

The composition of the ring screen projection system, the ring screen projection system needs:
1. Play equipment that combines splicing and heterosexual correction capabilities
2. Playing equipment with video processing capabilities
3. Synchronous playback device
4. Bright projection equipment
5. Curved or circular projection screen
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