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[Introduction to fog screen projection technology] Technology introduction

by:XY Screens     2021-11-04
The fog screen projection technology is the first in China and is known as the fog screen movie projector in the industry. This projector is inspired by the imaging principle of a mirage. It uses fog and air to simulate a projection screen, so as to achieve an image feeling like a real illusion. It consists of an ordinary projector and an air screen system. The air screen system can create a thin and dense water ion vapor curtain wall at room temperature. The projector projects the image on it, due to the unbalanced molecular vibration of the air and the fog wall It can make the picture have a peculiar layering and three-dimensional effect, and let people feel the distinctive display effect. The image gives people the feeling as in a painting of people walking, painting in people, like a fairyland like a jade pond. It makes it easy for people to look at the presence of the screen, and the image is displayed in front of the tourists.

The signal played by the fog screen projection can be a computer-made advertisement or animation. It can also be a DVD, video, TV signal, or a live broadcast signal.
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