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[Introduction to 'Paper Screen' Projection New Start] Projection Screen Technology Introduction

by:XY Screens     2021-11-10
In the projection system, the quality of the projection screen has also become an important factor in the quality of the projection image. High-quality projection screens are mostly made of synthetic fiber cloth or more expensive materials. A high-quality large-scale projection screen is definitely not comparable. Generally the projector is cheap! This is also one of the budgets that many friends who play with the projector system must consider in addition to the price of the projector.
Japan’s Pigeon company has recently developed a cheap, high-quality projection screen using 'specially structured' paper. The paper screen will be launched in the market in mid-December. The new one will have a 60-inch 'PSW' -60F' and 80-inch 'PWS-80F' are both 16:9 projection screen ratio, and the equivalent price is only 400-500 yuan.
The'paper screen' is made of high-toughness modified fiber thickened paper, which is guaranteed in terms of flexibility and durability. A special embossing pattern of irregular reflection is suppressed on the surface of the projection screen, and a special 'black paint' is painted on the back of the projection screen, which can effectively control the light leakage and the appearance of backlight.
This kind of 'paper screen' is very flexible and can be made into a 'retractable loop' method, and because of the use of paper as the screen material, even the 80-inch model weighs only 1.4 kg! Compared with the traditional projection screen, it is much lighter. For the installation and use requirements, the 'paper screen' has more advantages.
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