Invite you to participate in the 2017 China Audiovisual Integration Technology Exhibition CIT Exhibi

Invite you to participate in the 2017 China Audiovisual Integration Technology Exhibition (CIT Exhibition)

by:XY Screens     2021-10-13
Dear old and new customers and friends: Hello! The long-awaited CIT2017 China Audiovisual Integration Technology Exhibition will be held at the Beijing National Convention Center from June 16th to 18th. Shenzhen Projection Display Technology Co., Ltd. sincerely invites you to visit. The booth is located at VIP2-1 on the south side of the second floor; Important products such as ultra-short-focus anti-light screen, long-focus anti-light screen, and 4K nano-frame screen are welcome to experience. I hope you can come to us and wait for you at the exhibition, see or leave, thank you! Exhibition time: June 16-18, 2017 (3 days) Booth: VIP2-1 on the south side of the second floor Address: Beijing·National Convention Center Contact person: Zhang Yan 18123912410 Li Tianxiang 13161381619 Li Hui 15810844419 Ultra-short throw light-resistant screen 1. Special The optical structure effectively absorbs ambient light and restores the true projection color. 2. With the revolutionary product developed by the ultra-short throw projector, the projection distance is only 35-60 cm, and the picture can reach 80. 3. The screen shading layer blocks the ambient light, so that the picture has the best contrast effect; You need to turn off the lights and project again. 4. The picture is soft and smooth, and the eyes will not be fatigued after a long time viewing. It can effectively protect the eyes compared with traditional projection screens and increase the contrast by 8 times (compared with the white plastic screen). The telephoto anti-light soft screen 1. With a 1 cm frame, the material selection and design of the narrow frame tends to be simple, and it looks very high-end. 2. Large viewing angle, to ensure that there will be no optical shadows when viewing the picture at any angle. 3. Excellent resistance to ambient light interference. Compared with ordinary diffuse white screens, the picture contrast is improved by 100%. 4. Using the principle of diffuse reflection of light, the surface is specially treated, and the screen surface is smooth and clean. 5. In a bright indoor environment, it can still maintain bright colors and clear images. 4K nano ultra-clear screen 1. Angle of view 160 degrees (2α), close to 180 degrees (2α), gain 1.3 (peak 1.5), non-polarized light, high imaging brightness, non-glaring, soft reflection. 2. The screen resolution is 125 line pairs/mm, which is much higher than the standard of GB/T13982-2011 movie screen resolution ≥80 line pairs/mm, realizing high definition. 3. The reflectivity in the visible light band from 360 to 650nm is as high as 94%, the original color is reproduced, the image is transparent, and the picture is delicate. 4. Antistatic, anti-UV, no radiation, anti-aging, long service life. 5. Using environmentally friendly materials, it is laminated on the screen base after being processed by nanotechnology. Route map from the airport to the National Convention Center. From the railway station to the National Convention Center. Follow the public account to participate in the lottery. The prizes are: first prize, second prize, third prize, first prize: 3V110 inch 16:9 electric screen, second prize: Notebook third prize: Cup lottery rules: 1. Two lucky draw opportunities a day, each time consumes 1 point, the points can be obtained in the check-in in the micro SHOW under the WeChat public account. 2. Learn knowledge, read the official account soft article, follow the official account to reply to the lottery, click on me to start the activity! Participate in the lottery.
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