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Is the false standard of projector brightness a hidden rule or another reason?

by:XY Screens     2021-09-04
Recently, the news of a 'famous-brand projector' with an eight-fold difference in lumens' has attracted a lot of attention. Hammer smashed multiple projectors on the spot, and reported multiple brand-related models of projectors to the China Consumer Association in real name, and publicized large-scale false standards involving the brightness parameters of the projector's core. This incident also reminded once again that the current domestic projector market needs to implement industry standards as soon as possible, especially now that more and more new national brands join in, which further disrupts market regulations and harms consumer rights. Judging from the information revealed in this incident, except for Sony, the projector brands involved are all non-mainstream brands in the projector market, including newer brands that have just entered in recent years, and the false standard of brightness is also high. Among these brands, such as Hongtian Pao, the nominal brightness is 3200 lumens, the measured brightness is 206 lumens, and the virtual standard level reaches 1453.4%. The national brand XGIMI that has just joined the projection field, the model is GMIZ3, and the nominal brightness is 1500 lumens. , The measured brightness is 306, and the virtual standard reaches 390.2%. In addition, other 'small' brands have more than one hundred false standards for brightness. And these brands with large virtual bid multiples all share a feature in the market, that is, one yard of price wars, especially on Tmall and Taobao, a lot of searches, most of the prices are around 2,000 yuan or less, for those who don’t know For users, seeing such an attractive price is naturally irresistible. And there is also that they are looking for new selling points and playing differentiated gimmicks to confuse consumers. For example, screenless TVs, in fact, most of the products on the market are LED projectors. Friends who are familiar with the field of LED projectors know that the current brightness is still the same. It is the biggest criticism. There is a certain gap between the traditional light source and the picture quality effect needs to be improved. Coupled with the above-mentioned manufacturers' false brightness standards, the picture is even more unsatisfactory. For the mainstream brands in the current domestic projector market, although there will be false signs, after all, the brand image that has been shaped over the years and the accumulation of technology over the years, most of them will have professional ethics. In addition, the tested product did not say whether it was a new product or an old product, which resulted in a low fairness. If the tested machine has been used for a period of time, the measured brightness will naturally differ from the actual nominal brightness. For people in the projection industry, they all know that the projector bulb will attenuate after a period of use, which is also a normal phenomenon. In addition, at this stage, there are three standards for measuring projector products: ANSI (American National Standards Institute Standard), ISO (International Projector Standards based on the Japan Office Machinery and Information System Industries Association's related projector performance measurement methods) and ' Electronic Projector Measurement Method' ('People's Republic of China Electronic Industry Standard SJ/T11346-2006'), in which 'Electronic Projector Measurement Method' was officially promulgated and implemented by the Ministry of Information Industry on March 29, 2006, but this measurement The method does not have national compulsory power. Therefore, different test methods will lead to differences in test results, and the labeling of final product indicators will not be uniform. As the protagonist of this incident, He Wenbiao, CEO of Shenzhen Huayi Interactive Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd., smashed the virtual label machine on the spot. Although the name is to protect the interests of consumers, he is a manufacturer of projectors and is in the industry. Fame is not considered to be famous, and it is inevitable that there is suspicion of hype for its own brand. Most of the products submitted for inspection this time are at the same level as the brand, and almost all of them are LED projector products. Moreover, its products did not appear in this incident, and it is difficult to get rid of suspicion. Especially in the face of the current fierce competition in domestic projectors, the market share is limited, and there are dozens of brands involved. It is not an exaggeration to use the term 'fish and dragon' to describe it. Especially in recent years, the emergence of new technologies has unlimited opportunities and new brands. The influx continues, and none of them have technical precipitation, and they have all been OEMs. In addition, the industry standard rules are not standardized, which makes them 'unlimited business opportunitiesProjector products are not too familiar to most Chinese people. They only know about business and education products. They are relatively unfamiliar to home projectors, micro projectors, and engineering projectors. These markets are becoming the next gold rush. , Especially when large screens have become a new trend in the future. Compared with large-size TVs, the market potential of their cost-effective projectors has become increasingly prominent. At the same time, some domestic manufacturers have sensed business opportunities and started to make efforts in this emerging market, such as Laser TVs are getting hot this year. However, the lack of industry standards gives unscrupulous merchants an opportunity. This not only disrupts the domestic projector market, but also hurts the interests of consumers. I hope that relevant departments will improve the industry standards as soon as possible and regulate the projector market. Build a healthy and orderly environment in the domestic projector market.
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