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Is the TV better or the projection better?

by:XY Screens     2021-08-25
I renovated last year. The sofa in the living room was about 3.5 meters away from the TV wall. At first, I considered a 65-inch TV. Later, I watched a 65-inch TV at a distance of my friend’s house. . Later, I started to project into the pit. I bought the Optoma hd37 and cast a 120-inch frame soft screen to talk about my experience. 1. Regarding the ambient light hd37 with a nominal brightness of 2500 lumens, the actual use is to watch variety shows and TV shows during the day without drawing the curtains. If you are watching a movie, you still have to draw the curtains for better results. Generally, when you watch TV at night, turn on the lights normally, and turn off the lights when you watch movies or play ps4. The effect is very good. 2. Regarding the resolution of 1080p and 4k, we will say in two situations. For games, the current 4k configuration on PCs is at least i5+1070 graphics card, and there is no big gap between 4k and 1080p at a distance of 3.5 meters. In the case of ps4pro, most games are still 4k interpolation, and the improvement is relatively limited; in terms of movies, if you are downloading the party, you will find that the 4k film sources of major pt stations are really few, and most of them are low bitrates. Blu-ray genuine party currently does not sell many 4k Blu-ray discs in China. 3. Regarding the bulbs currently used for about 1,000 hours a year, I don’t feel any problems. I can’t change a bulb for a few hundred yuan next year, just take it as a dollar a day 4. As for experiencing the z9d bought by my friend, I came to my home and compared it. Let’s put it this way, in terms of color, my 7000-price projection is not left with tens of thousands of TV seconds left, but the 120-inch is more shocking than the 75-inch. My friend experienced my home. Projector immediately bought a hw48 plus 130 electric screen, which is definitely much better than 75. 5. Regarding the wiring, the projection was not considered at the beginning, so no hdmi was installed, so I had to use a wire slot to run the open line in the corner. At present, my wife and I can still accept the open line. At present, some projections support wireless HDMI transmission, using Zinwell's solution. Please remind that if you use wireless HDMI, the receiver and transmitter should not be close to the router, unless you cannot open the 5g channel. 6. There must be noise fan noise, but I feel acceptable. I usually turn on the stereo and the sound is not very loud. This is what I think of now. I don’t regret giving up projection on TV. The 120-inch experience is really invincible.
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