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Is there instruction manual for x y screen ?
The instruction manual is always beside x y screen . If no such instruction manual is found, you are welcomed to contact us. Then an electronic version may be offered. The instruction manual is aimed at offering you detailed operation and installation info. If you find it hard to understand, video or other effective ways may be available based on the demand.

We have advanced front and rear fabric to produce finest products. The Ambient Light Rejecting Fabrics series has become a hot product of Guangzhou Xiong-Yun Audio-visual Equipment Co., Ltd.. The improved design of XY Screens pull up projector screen reduces quality problems. XY projection screen offers a wide choice for all projections. Innovative technologies, innovative products, and innovative services are the source of the XY screen's sustainable development. XY projection screen allows for a very flat projection surface.

By upholding the concept of ultra hd projector , XY Screens strives for the sustainable development in the industry. Check now!
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