It is important to do a good job of energy saving while doing a good job in LED display products_ful

It is important to do a good job of energy saving while doing a good job in LED display products_full color led display manufacturer|huaze photoelectric

by:XY Screens     2021-09-18
The call for energy-saving led display screens first appeared in 2010. A group of pioneering companies have explored and launched numerous energy-saving products in the past few years. Also during this period, some new technologies and new materials were used. The air conditioner and built-in fan that were originally used for heat dissipation bid farewell to the LED display. Subsequently, the energy conversion rate of LED lamp beads, power supply and driver IC has been improved, and more eye-catching energy-saving cases have appeared in recent years.     The company Huaze Optoelectronics has launched a P10 outdoor surface mount product. Through the system's energy-saving measures, the power consumption can be reduced to 68.25% of the original. If a dedicated energy-saving IC is used, it can be reduced by 50%-70% on this basis. Based on the average electricity price of industrial electricity in China in 2018: 1 yuan/kW.hour (using 12 hours), a 1-square box (1m*1m) can save electricity bills by more than 2,000 yuan a year.     With the maturity of LED display technology, small pitches will develop towards fine pitches, power consumption is bound to be even more alarming, and energy-saving development is imminent. It's like a means of transportation-a car. Twenty years ago, there were not many people who could afford a car, but now there are not many people who cannot afford it. However, there are still a large number of people who choose not to buy a car, partly because they cannot afford it. The LED display industry will also enter such a situation. I can afford it, but I can't afford it. An X5 will be sold in one year, no more.     energy saving is not only based on the consideration of the client, but also the social responsibility that LED display manufacturers should bear, and the historical requirements given by the times. Investors say that the stock market is a policy market. In fact, which industry is not? Taking the road of sustainable development is a national policy, and energy conservation is a major strategic deployment of the government on the national economy and people’s livelihood. As a major energy consumer, if you want to go further, go better, and get more markets and resources, energy-saving efforts will inevitably come home.     Energy saving as a system operation, the most important thing is the energy saving scheme chosen by the LED display manufacturer. It is incapable of achieving energy saving in a single link. Through the energy-saving integration of all aspects of the led display screen, the best energy-saving effect is achieved. Terminal display companies design reasonable optimization solutions, choose LEDs with high conversion rates, power supplies, driver ICs and other hardware, and choose different display brightness according to different environments. For example, the brightness of the LED display during the day is 2000cd/m? , The automatic adjustment at night is reduced to 1500cd/m? Or lower, lower power consumption, and also reduce light pollution; environmentally friendly and energy-saving heat dissipation methods, through convection, heat conduction, etc. Make overall plans and take care of everything, so as not to lose sight of one and the other, in order to achieve the best. The implementation of      energy-saving LED display requires the industry to issue objective standards, the upstream and downstream must carefully consider products, and require excellent solutions.
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