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It is very important to do a good job in the 'three defenses' of the projector

by:XY Screens     2021-09-24
Dust, the number one killer of the projector  Dust should be regarded as the number one natural enemy of the projector. Due to the influence of the environment, dust can be said to be everywhere, so we must do a good job of dustproofing the projector. The storage of the projector should be placed in a place with a small amount of dust as much as possible, and smoking should not be allowed in the storage place, so as to minimize the damage caused by dust. In addition to dust prevention, the dust removal of the projector is also the most important thing, especially the current projector products attach great importance to heat dissipation, so some products have a cooling fan or slotted design on the fuselage, and the special fan is The flow rate of several tens of liters of air per minute is used for cooling it, which will be more conducive to heat dissipation and ventilation of the product. However, in this way, the disadvantages are immediately revealed. Because the high-speed airflow may entrain tiny dust particles after passing through the dust filter, they rub against each other to generate static electricity and adsorb to the heat dissipation system, which will have an impact on the projection screen. In addition, after such a long time, the dust will be concentrated in the dust filter, cooling fan and some surrounding areas, so regular cleaning will play a good role in protecting the projector. The general method is to remove some designed dust screens for cleaning, and use a brush to sweep the dust, or use an air cylinder to blow the dust directly. The same applies to the cooling fan, so as to avoid affecting the cooling of the fan and dust prevention. Effectiveness, regular cleaning is very important, users must pay attention to it.   There is also the dust removal for the lens. The lens is the core component of the projector. Dust is often seen on the lens. If there is too much dust, it will inevitably affect the clarity and effect of the projected panel. Therefore, the dust removal of the lens is very important. Because the lens is very easy to scratch, it must not be wiped with a wet cloth, otherwise it will greatly affect the future projection effect. Put the lens cover on to prevent it from happening.   Vibration, transportation and installation need to be careful.    From the overall point of view, we must strictly prevent the strong impact, squeeze and vibration of the projector. From the appearance point of view, such a collision will cause scratches to the appearance of the projector surface, and there will also be a certain risk to the lens surface. From the internal point of view, the impact of squeeze or collision seems to be more serious. A strong collision will cause the displacement of the liquid crystal panel, which will greatly affect the convergence of the LCD during projection, resulting in color deviation. The lenses and mirrors in the optical system will also be deformed or damaged, which will affect the image projection effect, and the zoom lens will damage the track under impact, causing the lens to jam, or even the lens to be broken and unusable. Humid, beauty but ruin the projector. Because the projector is also very susceptible to the moist air in the projection environment, according to a report, under normal circumstances, the humidity of the air when the projector is working is between 45% and 60%. , If the air humidity exceeds or falls below this range of parameters, the projector's performance will be unstable, and the damage to the machine will be very serious.   If the projector product is placed in such a humid environment, it is more knowledgeable. The user should be able to find a place with a good ventilation environment to ensure that the air in the projection environment can form convection, so that even if it is not used, the ventilation humidity of the location is relatively small, and it will not have a greater impact on the machine. Otherwise, many parts in the projector are also easy to be corroded, which easily causes the internal circuit to fail to perform stable projection output due to poor contact.
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