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It's another year when lychees are fragrant

by:XY Screens     2021-09-20
At the moment of life, you are crying, but those who love you are laughing; when life ends, you are laughing, but those who love you are crying. How can parents fully express their love for themselves in words? Thousands of words, all in no words. I still remember that when I was young, I often saw this scene: an old man in vicissitudes of life, carrying a sack of things, going in the wind and rain... He was the father of an aunt in Lincun. When I was young, I heard adults talk about their father and daughter. The old man’s home was dozens of miles away, and his wife died young, leaving behind a silly daughter. The old man worked hard to take care of his daughter as both a father and a mother. Later, when the daughter married, he was a little relieved. His silly daughter loves to eat lychees. Every time when the lychee is fragrant, you will always see this scene: an old man in the dust, carrying a sack of things, staggering, but smiling. The happiest thing for the old man is to watch his daughter peel off the bright red lychees, eat them, and then laugh foolishly. His stupid daughter can't speak, she just watched him eat stupidly, giggling... Once, after eating a litchi, the stupid daughter cried out: 'Dad...Dad...!' People thought it was strange. NS! What can make a daughter who can't speak yell out a dad? It's the love of the old father for his daughter! From then on, she would only say one thing stupidly: Dad! How many days and nights, the old man carried litchi on his back, hurriedly coming and going in the wind and rain. Just for his daughter! Every time I came, I was so tired and so dusty. Before I had time to pat off the dirt on my body from walking, I first took out bright red lychees from the sack... Seeing my daughter eating happily, not tired, and the weather-tested face was filled with fullness. Full of happiness! In this way, day after day, year after year. Bags of lychee bend the old man's waist, are they just bags of lychee? No, it is not just bags of lychees, but also the love of the father for his daughter, the heavy love! The love our parents have for us is the most selfless and the most silent! Home is our eternal safe haven! No matter where you are in the world, there will be someone who will always care about you; wherever you go, there will be a place waiting for your return forever. Parental love: no matter where you go, you are in my heart. Keep some gratitude in your heart. Dad, I love you. Friends, are you still struggling far away? Are you still pursuing your big ideals? The little gratitude continues...
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