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It's more important to understand yourself

by:XY Screens     2021-08-19
When I was young, I often heard old people say that I should study hard, but I rarely mentioned that I should study myself well. It's not easy to see that others are not easy to read and understand oneself. People who can truly understand oneself are definitely not idlers.   We all look in the mirror every day, but have we observed [self] when we look in the mirror? How many people can really see their shortcomings? In most people, many people are deceiving themselves and others. When they see their own advantages, they like to use a magnifying glass to enlarge them. When they see their shortcomings, they prefer to use reading glasses. Make it fuzzy.  There are two kinds of people who are sad: 1. People who do not understand themselves often like to complain about others, and they like to find objective reasons when they encounter things. 2. People who only read others but don’t read themselves. Such people are always busy pursuing and following in the footsteps of others. The living and true you hide behind success and failure, only to calm down and work hard. Feel! If we say that reading others is a dialogue with human wisdom, then anyone who can read oneself has self-knowledge, and knows the advantages and disadvantages of oneself the best in his heart, and only in this way can he achieve 'others praise me, but not me.' A little bit; others hurt me, but not a dime from me.' Sometimes, we can ask ourselves whether we wear colored eyes when we look at others, and whether we impose our opinions on others. In fact, it’s here. At that time, you have read about yourself and know what your thoughts are. The answer is yes or no, it depends entirely on one's own awareness.   There is a saying called 'bystanders are clear, the authorities are confused'. This sentence means that when we cannot see ourselves clearly in one thing, we need the people around us to be a mirror, communicate with others and listen to other people’s suggestions, so that we can better ourselves. Close to success.   In fact, it is difficult to understand yourself, and it is even more difficult to build a good self. To understand yourself is to shape yourself with a pure heart. It is to keep talking with yourself, sum up the lessons of failure when you succeed, and find the experience of success when you fail.   Only those who understand themselves can truly understand the great book of life, because the author of this book is himself and the reader is himself.
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