Jingke will guide you on the purchase and matching of projectors and projection screens Projection s

[Jingke will guide you on the purchase and matching of projectors and projection screens] Projection screen technology introduction

by:XY Screens     2021-11-04
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During the use of the machine, according to different customer environments and needs, with different peripheral equipment, the projection demonstration can achieve the best effect. As the most direct auxiliary product of the projector, the performance of the screen has a direct impact on the quality of the projection. Here I have compiled some tips on the choice of the projector and the projection screen for your reference. I hope to provide some information for your purchase. help!
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The purchase of the projector
1. First of all, it is necessary to clarify the nature of the source to be displayed
That is, the line frequency is output by the old graphics card. According to the nature of the displayed source, projectors can be divided into three categories: ordinary video machines, digital machines, and graphics machines. When only displaying the full TV signal, such as playing video tapes in a karaoke hall, you can choose an ordinary video machine; to display the VGA output signal, you can use a data projector with a horizontal frequency below 60KHz, and choose a digital machine. You can decide which grade of projector to buy according to the actual projection content. If the software to be projected is mainly for general teaching and word processing, the resolution of the purchase is 640×480 (VGA); if the requirement is higher, then To select SVGA (800×600), such as LP260/LP340, (1024×768), such as LP350, when displaying high-resolution graphics signals, you must select a digital machine with a line frequency above 60KHz.
2. Recognize the installation method
Projector installation methods are divided into table front projection, ceiling front projection, table rear projection, and ceiling rear projection. Front projection means that the audience of the projector is on one side; rear projection means that the projector and the audience are on both ends of the screen. If you use it temporarily, you can choose front desk projection. This method is greatly affected by ambient light and the layout is messy. . For fixed use, the ceiling can be selected. If the space is large, there are overall arrangements for civil construction, and the overall effect of choosing the rear projection method is the best. If the space is small, you can choose the method of rear projection refraction.
3. Find out the display environment, such as room size, lighting conditions
If the room area is small, an LCD projector can be selected. When the display environment area is large, there is no sunlight, the illuminating light is dark, and it is relatively fixed to use, you can choose a CRT projector. When the requirements for ambient light are not high, the display area is very large, and the high-resolution graphic signal is displayed, the LCD light valve projector can be selected; it is not necessary to display the high-resolution graphic signal, but the uniformity of the display image and the sharpness of the color can be selected. DLP projector.
4. On-site purchase skills
After confirming the selected model, how to identify the actual indicators of the projector through the projected image under the condition of on-site power-on?
Horizontal scan tracking frequency range According to the horizontal scan frequency scan range given in the technical indicators, select three frequencies from high, medium and low, and calculate the image resolution corresponding to the three frequency points. Check whether the projector can display normally under these three resolutions. If the line is out of sync, that is, the screen is twisted or jittered, it indicates that the horizontal scan tracking is poor.
Check the focus performance with the test grid generated inside the projector, or the test grid generated by the signal generator or computer, adjust the focus to the best position, change the image contrast from low to high, and observe the level of the grid If there is no defocusing phenomenon between the vertical line and the vertical line, if there is, it indicates that the focusing performance is poor.
Check the video bandwidth Video bandwidth directly affects the details of the video. Use a computer or signal generator to generate a white background graphic signal with the highest resolution that the projector can achieve, and observe whether the smallest character graphic on the screen is clear. For example, when the video bandwidth of the side camera is insufficient, the lines displayed on the screen are relatively solid, while the vertical lines are blurred, and the image details are blurred.
The on-site inspection station of the LCD projector produced a completely white image to observe the color uniformity. Generally speaking, it is difficult for the color uniformity of liquid crystal projectors to reach a higher standard. But the color uniformity is better when the quality is good. In addition, dustproofing of LCD projectors is a problem. A small amount of dust, such as falling on the LCD panel or lens, may be magnified very clearly. On a full white image, adjust the optical focus from small to large. If there are colored spots on the observation screen, it may be that there is dust on the LCD panel or lens. It is estimated that there is a problem with the dust-proof system of the machine.
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