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Keecker Projection Robot: Acting as a mobile theater and a housekeeper

by:XY Screens     2021-10-07
Keecker projection robot Although robots are no longer a new word, there are not many robots that are really ready to be used in the civilian field. We are probably mainly familiar with sweeping robots. As a robotic device, Keecker actually adopts a similar idea to the sweeping robot, so that it can move anywhere in the room. The difference is that Keecker moves around not to clean, but to build a 'mobile theater' everywhere in the house. It is understood that when Keecker enters a new environment, he will move around, using the 360-degree camera equipped with his body to record the environment in the room and draw it into a map. After that, the user only needs to click on the map to move Keecker to the specified location. When Keecker has designated the location, its built-in projector and sound system will make it a mobile theater. Users can watch the video projected by Keecker on the wall of the room. In addition, games and Internet access can also be realized on Keecker. However, the screen resolution of Keecker projection is only 1280x800 pixels, and some users who need 2K or even 4K may be disappointed. In addition to mobile theaters, Keecker can also act as a housekeeper. According to reports, Keecker is equipped with cameras and sensors that can monitor the situation at home in an all-round way, including video monitoring, temperature and humidity indicator monitoring, etc. It can be said that Keecker, who moves around the house, can be regarded as a full-featured patrol security guard. Keecker projection robot What is interesting is that as a robot, Keecker is equipped with the Android system, and the image of the Android green skin robot must have been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Thanks to the scalability of the Android system, users can download some video applications for video projection through Google Play. In addition, Keecker's development company is also preparing to open the API to attract developers to develop more applications for it. At present, Keecker has landed on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, and the price of about $4,000 is estimated to be unacceptable to many people. Keecker's development company hopes to successfully raise $100,000 and officially launch the product in April next year. However, although Keecker has been proven technically feasible, and the prototype has relatively good performance, it is still not a mature consumer-grade product, and many problems still need to be improved. However, from the prototype, we have at least been able to clearly see the prototype of the robot butler.
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