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kinect plus projector makes anything a remote control

by:XY Screens     2019-12-14
Paul Mark lost the TV remote again?
It doesn\'t matter-just use your hand to create another one on the armrest of the sofa.
When you are there, why not turn the top of the coffee table into a lighting controller so that you can adjust the dim light when kicking back to the movies.
The system to achieve this is called the world kit, which was created by Robert Shaw and Chris Harrison of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Harrison said it could be in our house in the next five years.
WorldKit combines cameras, projectors and computers, allowing daily surfaces such as walls, tables, doors and countertops to include television, digital video recorders, hi-
Lighting in the room.
The system uses the Microsoft Kinect depth camera to precisely locate the surface of your swing request to become the controller.
When you move your hand back and forth, you say out loud what the surface you want becomes-for example, the \"TV remote \".
WorldKit\'s software uses speech recognition to determine which type of remote control you want, and the digital projector on the ceiling projects the image of the controller onto the selected surface.
Then the Kinect camera will find out the button you press.
Xiao will present the system at CHI 2013 this week.
Computer Interaction in Paris, France.
\"When you move your hand back and forth, Harrison says the system will be useful when the small\" pico \"projector becomes cheap and power-hungry
Efficient enough to dot our home.
\"No one has yet come up with killer apps that can lower the price of projectors.
\"World kit is probably the app,\" he said . \".
There are other uses for the system.
For example, it can transfer interactive cooking instructions to the kitchen table top to create a space for placement for each ingredient.
These spaces become brighter when the software takes you through the recipes.
The technology left a deep impression on Patrick Baudisch, a computer scientist at the Hasso platemaker Institute in Potsdam, Germany, and his team will show a way to track the inside of the room using CHI 2013 interactive floors
\"WorldKit looks like a very useful step in pervasive computing.
\"This will help move the field forward and bring smart home applications closer to reality,\" he said . \".
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