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kiwis set online shopping record

by:XY Screens     2020-03-04
New Zealanders seem to have spent a record amount online this holiday season. NZ Post -
It offers half of all packages purchased online in New Zealand
Express delivery 14
A total of 5 million packages were received during November and December.
2 points on average.
8 parcels per second, the busiest since the record.
According to Paymark data *, online shopping spending in New Zealand increased by 18 percentage points over the same period in November and December.
However, as the New Zealand Bureau of Statistics reported 0, retail spending did not follow.
The December 2018 quarter fell by 2 percentage points.
New Zealand Post general, commercial marketing, Huang Keqin said New Zealand Post began planning the Sky
The holiday shopping season has seen a surge in the number of parcels, due to the increase in online consumption every year a year ago, and in response to growth, service levels have increased significantly.
Among other measures: While Christmas is clearly a major contributing factor, Huang says the shopping days that New Zealanders start overseas are becoming more and more popular --
Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Singles Day-
The growth of demand has been driven.
In the days after Black Friday (November 23)
Network Monday (November 26)
New Zealand Post delivered more than 5 million packages.
The day after Thanksgiving in the United States, Black Friday is considered the first day of Christmas shopping, while online retailers use online Monday to promote bargains on Monday after Thanksgiving.
In recent years, with the arrival of Singles Day, both began to take off in New Zealand (November 11)
This is a Chinese initiative, as an-
On Valentine\'s Day in 1990, students from Nanjing University began to celebrate their single status.
Quickly e-
E-commerce giant Alibaba (
China is Amazon)
Now, everyone, single or not, buys gifts for themselves (
Last year, the number of online shoppers on Singles Day in China hit $30, breaking the record.
Sales were 8 billion, 27 percentage points higher than in 2017, surpassing online Monday sales in the US).
Many New Zealand companies have joined these promotions, Wong said: \"Our experience shows that after a few days of these sales, we are starting to see a large number of packages through our network.
\"Wong said that the company\'s core goal is to provide overnight delivery-although 2018 holiday seasons are the busiest season ever, the company achieved sales
Delivery time.
Kantar TNS December 2018 express performance report shows that its service level is also ranked first in New Zealand (
Kantar is a global research organization).
This is a key factor in many e-commerce, Wong said.
Small business customers.
\"They usually don\'t take long, they wear a lot of hats and need effective logistics,\" Wong said . \".
\"Building their business is their focus, so our role is to provide them with the best level of service and give them the best experience.
\"Our future will be to deliver the package and we are already thinking about planning for November this year/December.
\"One company satisfied with the New Zealand Postal Service is Auckland-
Toy retailer, toy company.
Owner Martin Munk said that since the toy company was founded in 2009, online shopping has grown a lot and it is very important to have a good delivery service.
\"We had about 25,000 deliveries in the 30 days before Christmas,\" he said . \".
\"We found the service of NZ Post to be much more efficient than the express delivery we used before --
We get less complaints from our customers.
\"Toyco has a retail store in St. Luke and online shoppers can deliver goods anywhere in New Zealand.
Watch the New Zealand Post video for the 2018 shopping season below and learn more at nzpost. co.
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