Knowledge of special mirror for rear projection screen Application skills of engineering projection

[Knowledge of special mirror for rear projection screen] Application skills of engineering projection screen

by:XY Screens     2021-11-06
In the installation of rear projection engineering, the problem of limited projection space is often encountered. To solve this problem, a special mirror system for rear projection screens can be used, that is, a mirror is used to fold the projection beam once or twice to reach the specified projection distance in a space with insufficient projection distance to ensure the screen size. The reflectivity is greater than 90%, and the mirror flatness is ±0.02mm, to ensure that the loss of the projection light source brightness is reduced to the lowest range. Precautions for installation and maintenance: 1. During the construction process (1) Keep the environment of the reflector clean and tidy, and pay attention to dust and moisture. (Dust treatment) (1) Wipe with a soft vacuum cleaner with a brush (2) Wipe off the dust with a soft brush (3) Do not wipe the mirror surface with water or other liquid solvents
Distributor, selector, matrix switcher concept distributor: divide a single signal into multiple channels of the same signal without signal loss, and output to multiple display devices. It can be divided into ordinary distributor and special distributor. Such as: long-distance distributor; multi-function distributor (AV, VGA); workstation dedicated distributor. Selector: Select one of the multiple input signals to output to the display device. Matrix switcher: Choose two or more of multiple signal sources to output to different display devices.
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