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Large-scale small-pitch LED display market drives rapid industry growth

by:XY Screens     2021-09-12
In 2018, the small-pitch market continued to increase its volume. At the same time, with the continuous maturity of technology and market, the application of small-pitch is also expanding. Especially the market potential shown in the commercial display market has made the industry more pleased. Considering that the small-pitch LED display will continue to accelerate its penetration in the commercial display market in the future, as well as the further opening of the overseas small-pitch LED display market. Relevant organizations predict that the compound growth rate of China's small-pitch LED display market will reach 44% from 2018 to 2020. In 2020, China's small-pitch LED display market will reach 17.7 billion yuan. The upstream and downstream manufacturers of the LED display industry chain will also Will benefit deeply from this. The small spacing has a considerable pull on the market. Especially in some of the current highly explosive segmented commercial display areas, the small pitch performance is very eye-catching. For example, the rapid development of the night travel economy has brought new opportunities for applications in small spaces, and the innovation of operating models in multiple fields, including movies, advertising, sports, and entertainment, has continued to promote the upward trend of small spaces. The data shows that in 2017, the global market for small pitches was about 6 billion yuan. According to calculations, in the segment of the commercial market, the market space of movie screens will be 3 billion yuan each year in the future. The small-pitch market is expected to maintain a high growth rate of more than 50% in the next three years. The commercial market has exploded, and the small pitch drives the industry to grow rapidly. As we all know, the commercial market is larger than the professional display market. Since last year, the small pitch market has begun to explode. At the same time, with the stable technology, the commercial display market also has a demand for small pitch products. Gradually increase. After entering 2018, the application of flip chip COB has greatly improved the performance of small pitches. At the same time, LED screen companies continue to integrate smart skills and introduce various innovative technologies, products and solutions to the market. Nowadays, the LED display industry has used display + touch, voice interaction, AR/VR + gesture/somatosensory and other methods to achieve human-computer interaction, so that small spacing has more advantages in the field of commercial display.  The price is expected to continue to fall, and the future application prospects can be expected.  As more and more screen companies have increased the small-pitch market, the current small-pitch output continues to increase, which also stimulates further intensified competition in the industry and pushes product prices down. In recent years, with the acceleration of the localization of upstream LED chips and the reduction of production costs, chip prices have continued to drop; midstream LED packaging has also been reduced due to factors such as the gradual acceptance of domestic production equipment by manufacturers. Driven by competition and market development, the overall prices of small-pitch products in the market are constantly being optimized.   On the other hand, as fine-pitch products gradually penetrate into the commercial display market, new application forms are also emerging. For example, high-end shops have begun to use small-pitch LED screens to display product advertisements, and some manufacturers have launched corresponding high-end retail solutions in due course. Among them, LED poster screens and window screens have taken the lead in becoming popular commercial display products. Not only that, but also high-end luxury products such as auto shows. In the exhibition activities, as well as the information education market, large conference rooms, multi-functional lecture halls, and the development of virtual simulation laboratories are one of the directions for LED screen manufacturers. The continuous explosive growth of small-pitch commercial displays has injected new impetus into the development of the entire LED display industry. First of all, the companies that benefit the most are the terminal screen companies, and of course the supply companies in the upstream of the industry chain can enjoy the small-pitch. Commercially shows market dividends. Although the current small-spacing business shows unparalleled momentum, it does not mean peace of mind. Not to mention the huge competitive pressure within the industry, and various restrictions on the entry barriers of screen companies, the small-pitch commercial display itself also has some inherent 'deficiencies, Laser projectors, electronic whiteboards and other display products are all eyeing...How to better optimize these problems and maintain the leading position of small spacing in the commercial display field is the direction that every industry enterprise must seriously think and work hard.
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