Large-screen splicing security applications are hot, and solutions become the key to PK-XY Screens-i

Large-screen splicing security applications are hot, and solutions become the key to PK

by:XY Screens     2021-09-17
In security projects, large-screen splicing products have become mainstream display terminals, especially in comprehensive large-scale security projects such as safe cities and smart cities, splicing wall products are even more indispensable. According to statistics from Aowei Consulting, as early as 2011, command and dispatch and video surveillance have become an important driving force for the growth of the large-screen splicing product application market, accounting for more than 70% of the overall market sales. Nowadays, the security market is expanding rapidly, and correspondingly, the development space for the large-screen splicing industry is also broader. Large-screen companies march into security, and LCD, DLP, and small-pitch LEDs are working together. For large-screen splicing companies, if they want to continue to develop and grow, the security market is a must. The bigger the cake, the more predators will naturally be-LCD splicing manufacturers, DLP splicing manufacturers and emerging small-pitch LED companies have already stepped into it, and are increasing their investment, and the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. From the perspective of practical applications, among the three major display technology camps, who has the biggest hole card? DLP splicing-with the advantage of splicing, the main high-end brand is in today's large-screen splicing market. Due to the squeeze of the 'latecomers' represented by LCD splicing, although DLP splicing is no longer the glory of the year, its market share is shrinking. However, it still firmly occupies the 'top spot' in the high-end security market, and the killer feature is its inherent splicing advantage. For a long time, the delicate picture display effect is the unparalleled advantage of DLP splicing products, and it is precisely because of this that it can maintain a higher profit margin, which is also vividly reflected in the high-end security application market. In practical applications, industry users who choose higher-cost DLP splicing screens must have higher requirements for the screen display effect, and the entire security system has a high degree of synergy. In order to achieve the expected use effect, other accessories will also pay attention to high Quality, which will lead to an increase in the entire project budget, and thus strive for greater profit margins for the enterprise. In other words, in the battle for the security market, if DLP splicing companies want to stand out, they must build a 'precision brandLCD splicing-low-cost advantage, the main economic brand Compared with DLP splicing products, although LCD splicing screens have short joints, they also have the advantage of price economy that industry users cannot ignore. It is precisely by virtue of this outstanding advantage that LCD splicing screens have quickly become the darling of the large-screen splicing market. In the field of security, LCD splicing companies have firmly occupied the low-end market, and, with the continuous upgrade of splicing technology, are striving to penetrate into the high-end market. Projection Times Network survey found that in terms of application breadth alone, LCD splicing has taken the lead in the security market. Everything has advantages and disadvantages. Economic prices allow LCD splicing companies to quickly open up the market, while also greatly reducing their profit margins, especially for the front-end technology of LCD splicing (the core panel technology is only in the hands of a few companies such as Samsung, LG, and Sharp. ) In an industry with a large number of manufacturers, the homogeneity of hardware products and price transparency are inevitable. In this case, it is easy to fall into the quagmire of price wars only by relying on hardware products. Software services have naturally become the key to corporate profitability. At present, mainstream LCD splicing companies, including Samsung, LG, Philips, Weirui and other companies, have focused on complete solutions rather than single product promotion in the expansion of the security market. Small-pitch LED display-seamless splicing, the main card is flexible. In the field of large-screen display, small-pitch LED is a veritable rising star. Because the industry as a whole is often in its infancy, its share in the security market is still very limited. Without prejudice to its huge potential. Compared with traditional large-screen display products, a unique advantage of small-pitch LED displays is that their unit modules are small enough to be closer to the size required by customers, and can achieve true seamless splicing, which is better To meet the customized needs of users in the security industry. Although it has outstanding advantages, as an emerging technology, in the field of security monitoring applications, small-pitch LEDs also have obvious shortcomings. For example, when the brightness difference is too large, the phosphor may be displayed for a long time. Ageing. Due to the short entry time, small-pitch LEDs have a very limited share in the security market. However, with unique advantages such as seamlessness and adjustable brightness, their strength should not be underestimated. Experts in the projection era believe that, unlike the positioning of LCD splicing and DLP splicing, small-pitch LED companies will be more inclined to cast a net in order to quickly open the application market.
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