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Large screen splicing technology is changing day by day, choose the best edge fusion

by:XY Screens     2021-09-16
Large-screen projection, seamless splicing of TV walls, and edge fusion technology are widely used in science and technology museums, exhibition halls, museums, corporate exhibition halls and other places. Because the large-screen splicing video wall has a super-large display screen, super-high display resolution, and super-high-definition brightness, it is generally sought after by exhibitions and conferences. Although the development of the large-screen display industry is in full swing, when faced with many Ru0026D companies, many integrators, and many products, how do you choose a product that is suitable for your use? I began to compare product prices and shopped around, and finally determined a most favorable product combination, but when I used it, I found that the effect of the equipment I bought was far from what I expected; some companies have relatively abundant funds, in order to be able to buy To the 'decent' equipment, I spent a lot of money to buy the most high-end equipment, and finally found that it was not suitable for me in the process of using it. At present, the main technology products in the edge convergence market are software integration, software and hardware integration, and pure hardware integration. From the perspective of the integration effect, there is no essential difference between these three types of integration, but why do users still encounter so Many problems? The first thing to be clear about choosing an edge fusion product is demand. Edge fusion is a systematic project. Only by knowing what kind of functions you need can you make a low-target selection. The most non-negligible problem is that the edge integration industry has deep technical barriers. The final effect of edge integration depends on the technology of each company but does not vary from person to person. The emerging industries are not restricted by industry standards, so product quality is also uneven. Qi, rich construction experience and strong research and development background can play a decisive role in the final display effect. The software edge fusion product technology has been very mature. This maturity refers to the company’s products with rich practical experience. If it is a personally designed software, there will be many problems to be solved. If you don’t want to be someone else’s test product, it’s best to choose one. Cooperation with experienced Ru0026D companies. Software edge integration has absolute dominance in the multifunctional hall and exhibition hall. The biggest advantage of software is that it can be designed according to the environment, according to the needs of users, and according to the needs of the environment. In cooperation with other equipment, the software It can also be fully controlled and controlled, making the intelligent management of the exhibition hall easier. The pure hardware edge fusion product is like a super DVD. With its super stability and outstanding performance of acquisition and input, it occupies a leading position in the conference and monitoring industry. An edge fusion product that combines software and hardware, it not only has the flexibility of software, but also has the acquisition and input function of this pure hardware fusion device. It is most suitable for occasions where the input performance requirements are not too high, but the flexibility of integration has certain requirements, such as laboratories, schools, libraries, small meeting rooms, etc.
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