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Laser cinema will replace the projector? Market competition is becoming increasingly fierce

by:XY Screens     2021-08-28
Some manufacturers once said, 'The projector market is now dominated by manufacturers with design and production capabilities, and manufacturers that rely solely on OEMs are already very difficult to survive.' Especially in the face of severe product homogeneity, the market is hit hard. Price wars have also become inevitable. The projector market, which has always been accused of stable prices, has recently seen more and more promotional clearance activities. Last weekend, Hisense launched a 100-inch laser theater in China. Relevant experts believe that, in addition to targeting the home large-screen market, laser TVs will mainly replace the projector market in the future. With the emergence of laser theaters and widescreen projectors, a double reshuffle of products and brands in the projector market is about to come.  The era of projection widescreen has arrived.  The launch of Hisense Laser Cinema also confirms the arrival of the era of projection widescreen from the side. Liu Hongxin, general manager of Hisense Electric, told a reporter from China Projection Network that Hisense Laser Cinema adopts ultra-short focus technology, and only needs less than 0.5 meters away from the wall to project a display screen of more than 100 inches, allowing the super-large screen display to enter 15 square meters. Mi living room has become a reality from a dream. Although Hisense’s goal is the home ultra-large screen market, the market research company CICC Research Report believes that the projector market is the first of the two markets that laser TVs can replace in the future. It is reported that the size of China's projector market reached 1.88 million units in 2013, mainly for education and commercial use.   A relevant person in charge of China Projection Network stated that due to the special reflective principle of the panel, the viewing angle of laser TVs cannot achieve ultra-wide viewing angles like educational equipment. The current laser TV must have an external device that needs to be placed in front of the panel for projection. The principle is similar to that of a projector.   In addition to the laser theater, Acer has taken the lead in releasing a full range of new widescreen projectors in the first half of this year. A dealer told a reporter from China Projection Network that major brand projector manufacturers are now planning the mass launch of widescreen projectors, which has also triggered a loosening of prices in the projector market. A reporter from China found on that the current wide-screen projectors of more than 3,000 yuan are easily searched, which is rare in the past, and low-end projectors are even cheaper than 1,000 yuan.  The high-end market has suffered the most.    It is understood that the current home projectors range from 2,000 yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. The price of Jingdong XGIMI LED projectors is only 2,999 yuan, which is obviously more cost-effective for home users. Therefore, the low-end market competition for projectors has been very sufficient.   Zhang Jinning said that the launch of Hisense Laser Cinema is currently mainly impacting the high-end projector market. A reporter from China Projection Network found that one of the main indicators of current projectors is lumens, and the size of lumens has a great impact on clarity and brightness. At the same time, due to environmental factors, if too much lumens are used in a too small space, it will cause damage to the eyes. Manager Wang of a Beijing company in charge of technology told a reporter from China Projection Network that the company is currently undergoing renovation and decided to purchase a high-lumen projector. After contacting him, he found out that a foreign brand 7,000-lumen projector was actually quoted at 140,000 yuan. For the company, it is obviously unbearable.   Zhang Jinning told the China Projection Network reporter that the advantages of laser projectors are relatively high brightness and a very long life span, which is more than 3 times longer than the life of traditional bulb projectors. It can be said that there is no need to change the bulb for life. Liu Hongxin said that the Hisense Laser Cinema System uses an ultra-short-focus full HD projector with a laser light source and a passive, moderate-gain reflective screen, which completely eliminates the damage caused by direct light to the human eye, and it is not glaring for long-term viewing. In addition, the ultra-short focus design reduces the projection distance to less than 0.5 meters, which greatly reduces the interference of ambient light on the picture, and you can enjoy high-definition and bright pictures even without turning off the lights. Cross-industry is expected to counterattack the market. Previously, the projector market was dominated by several major Japanese and American brands. However, with the continuous release of production capacity and sales of brands such as Hisense and Acer, there are currently hundreds of brands operating in the domestic projector market. .  Analysts said that laser TVs are considered cross-border products, but many laser TVs have not been separated from the projector form. The advantages of the TV product form cannot be integrated and only serve to provide content. However, the Hisense Laser Cinema System is changing this status quo. It can realize 'multi-screen interconnection' and 'mass content' through the latest version of Hisense Smart TV's VIDAA operating system, and realize 3D display, somatosensory games, and interconnected smart applications. While counterattacking the projector market, it also prepares for the replacement of the home large-screen market.   Hisense chief scientist Huang Weiping believes that laser technology will become the fourth-generation global laser display technology after TV black and white display technology, color CRT display technology and liquid crystal flat panel display technology, and become the mainstream trend of market consumption. Laser display will also become a new generation of display technology led by Chinese brands to control the right to speak in the industry chain.
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