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Laser display technology set off a giant screen 'golden age'

by:XY Screens     2021-08-27
Nowadays, large screens and smart devices have become standard TVs. On this basis, new technologies such as OLED and 4K continue to emerge, which have become the battle points of various enterprises in the market battle. Both veterans and newcomers hope to 'subvert' the TV industry with their own advantages. At the same time, the rapid rise of laser display products in the home living room, the golden age of display giant screens is opening. In recent years, Germany, Japan, the United States, South Korea and other countries have invested huge manpower and material resources in the research of laser full-color display technology. The Japanese industry called it the 'revolution in the history of human visionIn 2005, prototypes of 100-inch TVs using laser display technology were exhibited around the world, and even Japanese companies such as Mitsubishi and Sony have tried to promote them. However, due to technical difficulties that have not been overcome, the cost of laser light sources is expensive and the requirements for the use environment are very strict. , So it has not been able to form large-scale commercial use, and has been reduced to a niche. However, the industry has not given up on the search for a laser giant screen solution that can be truly commercialized. The technological breakthrough this time comes from China. Following the launch of two innovative products, ULED and VIDAA2 in the first half of the year, Hisense launched VIDAAMAX's first batch of laser theater products in the world on September 10, replacing liquid crystal displays with laser displays, known as the fourth generation of TV display technology. Hisense Laser Cinema has achieved a complete overturn of traditional large-size LCD TVs and traditional home theater products. This is also the first major TV display technology change led by a Chinese company in the industry. For ordinary household projectors, they use light bulbs as light sources, and their service life is only 2000 hours, which is only one-tenth of that of laser theaters. Secondly, laser theaters use ultra-short focal lenses, which can be viewed in the living room simply by placing them in the living room. Projection is only suitable for dark environments, while Hisense laser TV is not restricted by ambient light, which can meet the needs of all-weather viewing; Hisense VIDDA MAX laser theater has a smart TV system and a wealth of smart applications. Watching TV, watching online videos, and playing games are shocking The audiovisual effect of the home screen is not equipped with TV, Internet and other functions. It is worth mentioning that the Hisense Laser Cinema comes standard with professional audio, using 5.8G wireless surround technology, so that users do not need to purchase another audio configuration, and the installation is simple and no wiring is required. Compared with the large-size LCD TVs on the market, the color saturation of Hisense Laser Cinema is about 30% higher, and the color expression is stronger. In addition, laser TVs have a shorter viewing distance and require less indoor space for consumers than LCD TVs of the same size. It can be said that Hisense Laser Cinema is better than ordinary projectors and LCD TVs in terms of image quality, viewing distance, vision protection, environmental protection and energy saving. With the increase in the source of high-definition film and television technology production programs, and the continuous heating up of special effects films, coupled with the high integration of sports events and film and television broadcasting platforms, movie audiences and sports fans have a higher demand for giant screen viewing. This is objectively The event stimulated the early arrival of the 'Giant Screen Era'. Related industry insiders predict that in the next three years, enjoying cinema-like shocking blockbusters at home will become the normal life of urban audiences. Although laser home theater is currently only a 'private possession' of a small number of consumers, this epoch-making product has truly entered the homes of domestic users, which is already a good start. Relevant industry insiders said that in the future, laser light sources will surely become 'potential stocks' in the home theater market, especially in the face of changing market demand, taking into account the characteristics of high cost performance, the dominant position of laser light sources will continue to be highlighted in the future, and is expected to lead the industry development trend.
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