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Laser projector: technology upgrade, brightness and color better

by:XY Screens     2021-08-28
In recent years, new light source technology has gradually led the projector market. LED, laser and hybrid light sources have been favored by many people in the industry. Whether it is new products or joining manufacturers, more and more year by year. This also makes the new light source projector technology continue to improve, and the new products each year have been greatly improved in terms of brightness and color. As the new light source technology matures and is gradually recognized by more and more users, the future market potential is huge. But in order to win the favor of more consumers, the new light source technology needs to be continuously improved. Recently, according to French foreign media sources, Osram has launched its latest laser light source module abroad, which is not only smaller in size, but also has a greater improvement in brightness and color. It is understood that the laser light source module launched by Osram this time uses blue laser diode technology to release a pure blue light source. The rest of the colors are provided by the color wheel, which has achieved perfect color output. The life of the light source is four times that of the traditional bulb light source, reaching 20,000 hours. And it is harmless and environmentally friendly, and will not release harmful substances containing mercury during use. However, at present, Osram has not announced when the new laser module will be mass-produced, nor has it disclosed the first batch of projector manufacturers to use this technology. However, Osram clearly stated that compared with the existing laser light source module components, this technology has higher brightness, more vivid colors, and is more competitive than similar products.
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