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Laser TV of projection screen PK traditional LCD TV!

by:XY Screens     2021-09-06
Laser TV (laser TV is a combination of ultra-short throw laser projector + ultra-short throw anti-light curtain) as the fourth-generation display technology, subverts the form of TV products, and is different from ordinary LCD TVs. The large screen is shocking, healthy and eye-friendly. A representative of a new trend, new fashion, and new enjoyment of life attitude. What kind of different enjoyment can be brought to life by installing different TVs in the living room? Compared with ordinary LCD TVs, laser TVs have different imaging principles. The laser TV image is reflected by the screen and enters the human eye for imaging. It is as comfortable, healthy, natural and not hurting the eye as a natural scene reflected in the sun. According to tests conducted by the Saixi Laboratory of the National Institute of Electronic Technology Standardization and Peking Union Medical College Hospital's ophthalmologists, the state-owned authoritative testing organization, laser TV products are display products that fully meet the theoretical visual requirements and are harmless to the naked eye. The screen has no electromagnetic radiation, protects the eyes, is healthy, and comfortable. Compared with paper reading, the comfort level is increased by 20%. The Fresnel anti-light screen is a front projection optical projection screen for ultra-short throw projection applications. It contains a multilayer optical structure and nano-particle powder. Using Fresnel lens imaging technology, it can effectively absorb ambient light and greatly improve Display the contrast and color saturation of the picture in a bright environment, and the appearance is designed with a slim flat panel, combined with ultra-short-focus laser projection, to create a giant screen laser TV. In terms of viewing distance, many people will ignore the advantages of laser TV. Laser TVs have low requirements for the viewing distance in the living room, and most families can install laser TVs. 'Starting at 80 inches at 3 meters' and 'Starting at 100 inches at 4 metersMoreover, compared with the 6-meter viewing distance of an 85/82-inch LCD TV, the screen size is closer to what you see, and the experience of watching movies is stronger. DNP Fresnel anti-light projection screen is a unique DNP front projection Fresnel technology with built-in Fresnel lens structure. The excellent performance of the screen is mainly due to the fine lens structure, which includes 6 optical layers. A semicircular Fresnel lens in the center of the screen reflects the beam from the projector to help reach the audience effectively. Its efficient light transmission makes the screen have a darker black level, does not lose obvious brightness in a bright environment, and effectively produces higher image contrast. Laser TV has a simple appearance and wall-mounted design. Compared with traditional LCD TVs, it removes the trouble of entanglement of redundant wires. The overall look is more tidy and magnificent. It can match different styles of home decoration and enhance the beauty of the living room with one click.
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