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Laser TV opens a new era of high-quality home audio and video

by:XY Screens     2022-02-12
With the improvement of the quality of life, many well-off and high-income families have been upgraded in terms of film and television, and then upgraded to the era of laser TV. However, many consumers face the question of laser TV, a new form of imaging product: what is laser TV and how is it different from traditional projection products? Laser TV is a projection display device that uses a laser light source as a display light source and cooperates with front projection display technology to form images. It is equipped with a special projection screen and can receive radio TV programs or Internet TV programs. It has seven characteristics: 1. The laser TV has bright colors, high brightness, and the host can be placed flexibly; 2. It uses red, green, and blue solid-state lasers as the system light source; 3. Long life; 4. Safety; 5. Comfort; 6. Anti-ambient light; 7. Suitable for home installation.
  Laser TV is a system, projection is a product. For household large-screen display systems, based on the cost per square meter of display area, the advantages of projection technology are almost 10 times that of other display technologies: the bigger the cheaper the better, this is the most exquisite 'money way' for projection products in the household market description of. However, traditional home projectors also have two annoying places for consumers: first, the lamp life is limited, and it is very troublesome to replace the lamp; the second is that the product must be in the 'little black room' mode to work well, and the lighting conditions The screen below is mostly 'pale white'. Especially the latter, almost cut off the possibility of using the projector at any time like a TV. The technological innovation of laser TV is to solve the above two problems very well. First of all, the projection part of the laser TV adopts laser light source technology. The light source has a long lifespan, high light quality, and rich colors. Consumers not only do not need to worry about the trouble of replacing bulbs, but also gain three additional product advantages of high contrast, high color gamut and high brightness. Second, the laser TV uses a high-quality projection screen. The biggest feature of this screen is that the contrast level is very high. Through the design of optical reflection and optical absorption, the reflection level of this type of screen to ambient light is minimized, which can improve the contrast ratio of the final image quality by 5-10 times, so that the image under lighting conditions will not be 'pale white and ugly'. The system can also be used with lights on or in daylight conditions. It can be seen from the above analysis that laser TV products are often a combination system of a laser projector and a customized high-contrast screen. The combination of the two can finally achieve the freedom to use the product like a TV. The traditional projector is only a component of a large-screen economical display solution, not a systematic final application product. The relationship between the two can also be expressed as: laser projection is a component of laser TV. Compared with traditional home projectors, laser TVs have great advantages. Among the application characteristics of laser TV products, in addition to improving the lamp life and changing the contrast effect under strong light conditions mentioned above, there are many other advantages. Why is it called laser TV, not projection. At the end of the projector host, laser projection usually uses a reflective short-throw lens, and its 100-inch projection distance is only less than half a meter. This feature enables the product to realize direct projection on the TV cabinet, and can also be installed in a traditional hoisting installation. Consumers can use it more freely, and they do not need to worry about the projection light path being blocked by personnel or other objects. At the same time, after the projector adopts laser technology, it can realize the display characteristics of wide color gamut, high brightness and high contrast. This makes the image color expression of laser projection generally stronger than that of traditional home projectors, and the image layering is more prominent. In particular, the high brightness characteristics brought by the laser are the premise for the use of high-contrast screens and the basis for achieving excellent performance under lighting conditions. On the projection screen side, high contrast performance is the basic requirement of laser TV screens, but most laser TV screens also have higher parameter configurations: this includes the Fresnel optical mirror structure, which can effectively improve the viewing angle of the screen. , enabling a display with excellent color and consistent contrast to be viewed from any angle.
Finally, most of the laser TV screens are also processed with a certain gain effect. Such processing can further improve the layering and color effects of the picture under lighting conditions, and can save the power requirements of the entire system under the same light viewing quality. In order to achieve high contrast ratio, high viewing angle, high gain effect, and high picture uniformity, the screen of laser TV usually has a very complex surface optical structure. For example, usually a laser TV Fresnel screen will contain hundreds of thousands to millions of micro mirrors, and these mirrors will be divided into more than a dozen or even more types of different configurations. Making a screen like this is a very delicate job, and a very complex multi-layer coating structure, which involves multiple processing techniques and the application of multiple optical materials. Therefore, the high-tech connotation of the laser TV system includes not only the projection part of the host, but also the screen with anti-ambient light. As the most high-quality audio and video product type for home large-screen entertainment, laser TV is bound to be favored by consumers.
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