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Lead the audiovisual industry to open the country and go international!

by:XY Screens     2021-09-11
In recent years, Chinese companies are generally facing many problems such as rising wages, appreciation of the renminbi, industrial relocation, brand management, and so on. The audio-visual industry is no exception. However, while the international audio-visual industry has shuffled, Chinese companies have also ushered in opportunities for internationalization. Generally, the way for domestic enterprises to go abroad is to go abroad to participate in exhibitions. This is a very laborious task, which consumes a lot of manpower, financial and material resources, and every time they go abroad to participate in large-scale exhibitions, they always have to spend a lot of money. After the exhibition, I hurriedly returned to China with the products and exhausted body, and occasionally thought about it, do you feel that you have missed something? What is missing in this link? How to stop the product from flying around? How to extend the promotion and display to make the products take root in foreign markets? In view of this situation, we have proposed a solution-Dubai Dragon City SNOWMOKEE audio-visual experience hall. Future prospects and analysis of the experience pavilion 1) The Middle East (Dubai) audiovisual industry has developed rapidly in recent years. Statistics from InfoCommInternational show that in 2015, the professional audiovisual market share in the Middle East and Africa is expected to reach 4.34 billion U.S. dollars, and it will definitely increase to 46.3 by 2016 One hundred million U.S. dollars. What factors have contributed to the rapid development of the audiovisual industry in the Middle East (Dubai) in recent years? The main reasons are the 2020 Dubai World Expo and the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. There is no doubt that these two upcoming world events have enough weight and courage to guide market trends and influence market trends. 'Sports fans in the Middle East don't want to miss any actions or details. They need high-quality audiovisual solutions,' said Richard Tan, Executive Director of InfoComm Asia. 'From the scoreboard to the display screen, the best sports events Worthy of the best technology.' According to a recent report by InfoComm International, in the Middle East and Africa, the demand for audiovisual products in various venues and events is the fastest growing segment, which is expected to grow from US$190 million in 2012 to In 2016, it was US$306 million, an increase of 61 percentage points. 2). Geographical advantages: excellent location u0026 massive flow of people. With the first phase of Longcheng becoming a popular shopping center, Nashil Company added 177,000 square meters of Longcheng Second District. Dubai Dragon City Phase II is next to Dragon City Phase I and International City. It is reported that Dragon City currently attracts 50,000 passengers on the day and about 60,000 on weekends. 3) High requirements for settled enterprises and product specifications 1. Audio-visual industry related products, 2. Advanced product technology and excellent quality. 3. Have experience in product export sales. 4. Possess strong production capacity. 5. Have a good business reputation. Advantages of the experience hall A perennial corporate brand and product display; B direct sales of products; C related industry exhibitions to carry customer information and products for exhibition promotion; D to establish its own overseas trade transaction platform; E to share the cost of entry; F to provide products on behalf of Customs clearance and overseas payment collection, etc.; what we do for you is to expand overseas markets, establish overseas offices, and promote overseas products throughout the year! The advantage we bring to you is that the foreign participation fee is low, and the brand promotion is open all year round, saving money, effort and worry! Going to an international exhibition is no longer your only choice. We provide you with more choices. Dubai SNOWMOKEE audio-visual experience hall is looking forward to your arrival!
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