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Leading the trend of high-definition, full-line projection screen introduction

by:XY Screens     2021-09-10
As we all know, in addition to a high-quality high-end projector and high-quality HDMI cable, a general projection system also needs to be equipped with a suitable and high-quality projection screen, so that it can be called a set of qualified projectors.   However, in reality, especially home users often overlook the purchase of projection screens. What's more, directly project the projection screen onto a white wall in the home instead, which is not the case. A good screen can increase the projection effect by about 20%, and a good projector with a better screen can make a qualitative leap in the projection picture, which is especially true for a perfect home theater layout. important.  The projection screen is made of special optical materials, which is unmatched by ordinary white cloth and white walls. Due to the roughness of the white cloth and the wall, the performance of image details and the range of viewing angle of the image will be imaged. Therefore, using white cloth and walls to replace the image projected by the projection screen is not as good as a dedicated projection screen in terms of brightness, contrast, color, and sharpness. If the projection screen used does not match the projector, it will not be perfect either.   Projection screen is not only a necessary engineering material component for large projection screen display, but also an important component that determines the display quality and effect of the entire home theater system, and even the success or failure. As the imaging carrier of the optical projection display, the projection screen determines the display color, brightness, contrast, picture size, picture angle, picture defect control and many other key display indicators of the projection display in a certain sense. It is regarded as a large-screen projection display for imaging The effect is only the key component of the projector.   With the rapid development of the projection screen market, users have more and more demand for projection screens. Especially with the expansion of the application scale of the home theater market, the domestic projection screen industry's demand for high quality and high quality has increased significantly. Driven by market demand, the screen industry in the domestic large-screen display market has further improved significantly in terms of optical basic effects, large and thin screens, easy maintenance of screens, and engineering service life. Since its establishment in 2002, SNOWHITE has been committed to the product guidance of domestic high-definition home projection screens, allowing more consumers to realize the importance of projection screens in the projection system, but also for different Application environments (such as commercial theaters, large enterprises and business clubs, etc.) have introduced a variety of different types of projection screens. The perfect picture quality home theater series curtains are truly present. At present, most of the current domestic home theater crowds have their own exclusive audio-visual room, ranging from 10 to 20 square meters for small to 40 to 50 square meters, like this The exclusive audio-visual room can basically maintain a completely dark environment when in use. In this case, the home theater series curtains will be the best choice. The series of curtains are changed to use full HD pearl white coating, in a completely black environment With excellent performance, the screen focus is more precise; if you need to take care of children in the exclusive audio-visual room or if you have to turn on a small amount of light for the convenience of chatting with friends, you can use the gray screen of the refueling theater series curtain. It has a specific The 12-degree gray special coating treatment has better performance in private theaters with a small amount of light.  This series of screens is suitable for a full range of product lines such as cinema electric screens, fine picture frame screens, advanced curved sound-transparent picture frame screens, and luxury cinema corded screens. (For detailed curtain information, please click)→Show unique personality business application series curtain sound and shadow accompanied by crowd positioning, projection of luxury business electric screen, hand-drawn screen and bracket screen specially created for business applications, with unique personality and a variety of convenient options And high-definition vision can be described as original and perfect. The top tubular motor, super thermal protection system and high-quality glass fiber curtains equipped with business electric screens provide a high-definition and bright realm for your product display, business meetings or remote videos; luxurious and personalized hand-drawn screens and brackets The screen provides a convenient and realistic visual feast for your business applications. This series of curtains is suitable for business, teaching, conference, training, product display, etc. (For detailed curtain information, please click)→The king style project and the 3D series of screens dominate the market position. Through continuous technological innovation, the metal plane fusion hard screen, engineering electric screen, engineering frame screen, and metal arc fusion are created with passion. Hard screens, 3D nano high-definition screens, fast folding screens, rear-projection diffuse reflection fusion hard screens, rear-projection diffuse reflection hard screens, and Fresnel optical rear-projection hard screens and other series of screens, which provide excellent for various large-scale projects and 3D theaters. The solutions are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, America, and the Middle East. The sales network covers the whole world and has been well received by all walks of life. This series of curtains are suitable for exhibitions, banquets, concerts, large-scale business events, etc. (For detailed curtain information, please click) →
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