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Leave the bowl to my mother to wash, the article is very short, but very touching!

by:XY Screens     2021-09-07
When I was in college, when I returned from an internship, we had a meal at the home of the professor who led the team. After the pleasant dinner, the cups and plates on the table were utterly devastated. A few classmates rushed to wash the dishes, but the professor stopped with a smile: 'No hurry, someone will wash it.' The professor put the dishes in the sink, first rinsed off the oil, and then gently walked to his eighty-year-old. Next to his old mother: 'Mom, wash the dishes...' All of a sudden, the classmates were stunned, and saw that the old lady changed her fatigue on the table, walked to the sink in good spirits, and washed up slowly. The bowl came, and it took half an hour to wash the bowl. The professor happily said to the old lady: 'You have worked hard, take a break.' He took a towel and wiped his mother's hands. After the professor returned to the room with his mother, he returned to the kitchen and washed the dishes again. The professor said to us who were surprised: 'A mother does not want to do something for her child. Even if she is old, in her eyes, her son will always need her help. Let her wash the dishes and she will feel that her son needs her. She will live a full day all day long. Honoring your parents, besides helping them, you must also give them a chance to let them love you.
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