LED display companies need to solve these two difficulties if they want to develop well_led display

LED display companies need to solve these 'two difficulties' if they want to develop well_led display manufacturers|华泽光

by:XY Screens     2021-10-06
Judging from the performance forecasts disclosed by listed companies, 19 companies are pre-happy, and nearly 80% of the companies have achieved varying degrees of growth in net profit. However, while the LED display market is picking up, we are also clearly aware of some of the problems faced by the current industry, and two of these problems are currently urgently needed to be solved: one is to reduce costs, optimize production capacity, and improve product performance; It is to optimize after-sales service and enhance brand image. How can LED display manufacturers find solutions to these two problems? The author does not have a standard answer here, but can only provide reference opinions, because the 'specific analysis of specific problems' applies to the manufacturing industry too! Reducing product costs and improving product performance costs have always been a major problem that restricts the development of the industry. Although the price of LED displays has fallen sharply in recent years, they are still high compared to other display products. Use small spacing. It is said that although it has injected new life into the industry, its high price has also discouraged many customers in the market. In the current market environment, only the price of LED display screens is more 'close to the people' in order to gain a larger market share. Industry insiders believe that in the future, LED display companies will fight for the competitiveness of manufacturing and the continuous optimization of after-sales service models will play a key role. It should be noted here that the current after-sales service in the industry has great drawbacks. Seriously speaking, the current after-sales service of various screen companies is in a state of disorder as a whole, because LED displays are generally larger engineering projects. Many local distributors may not have the service capability and have to rely on the manufacturer. As a result, the after-sales cost will be 'a lot of pressure'. It is better for a strong manufacturer to say, otherwise it can only be a dumb eating coptis, and there is no need to tell. The more screens you sell, the harder it is to clean up the after-sales stand. The after-sales service of many screen companies in the industry is to cooperate with other manufacturers to establish a 'maintenance alliance' locally, which can greatly reduce costs. However, it is difficult to achieve a unified standard in team management in this form, and there are also some in the industry. Such a statement-in fact, only from the technical level of after-sales maintenance, the industry can be very professional, but from the analysis of management, the level of after-sales service in the industry is far from that of the home appliance industry. While China's advertising market is developing rapidly, China's outdoor advertising market has also maintained a rapid growth rate. The led screen can change the display content, and can also display dynamic video files, so it is richer than ordinary print ads. Many carriers that used to be inkjet-based have gradually turned to LED display screens. It's time for companies to disclose their first quarter results again. According to incomplete statistics, 24 GEM listed companies in the LED industry have successively disclosed their performance forecasts for the first quarter of 2017. The modular features of LED display products allow them to win a unique market, and their high assemblability has also increased their production pressure. In the eyes of the industry, the current trend of upstream raw material prices in the industry is not clear, led display The best thing for screen companies to reduce product costs is to start with 'standardized productionIntroducing automated production equipment, learning advanced management and production experience, etc., although some achievements have been made, they still can't keep up with market demand. Prior to this, the industry has set off a wave of uniform module sizes, which is very popular among screen companies. If standardized production can be implemented well, it is believed that the cost pressure of screen companies will also be reduced. On the other hand, some screen companies believe that the way to reduce product costs is to implement the 'explosive product strategyThe effect is to use subtraction strategies that have nothing to do with 'explosive productsIt should be noted that in this way, 'explosive products' cannot be products that rely on low prices to grab the market, but are developed around the user value chain, and are good products that can meet 'user needs and experience' as the core. Optimizing after-sales service and enhancing brand image Needless to say about this issue, LED display products are a 'professional' product, and 'after-sales service' has always been the top priority of the screen enterprise market work, and even many industry insiders think: Selling screens to customers is only the first step to success. The next ninety-nine steps are after-sales service... After gradually stepping out of the stage of price melee of LED display products, some domestic LED screen companies gradually realized the importance of 'brand' , Began to pay more and more attention to after-sales service work, but there are still many after-sales problems in the LED display industry, causing many end users to complain. If you are cooperating with a formal enterprise when doing the LED display project, then the follow-up service can keep up; if you are cooperating with a small company that is not influx, it may happen that the after-sales service is not in place for a long time, and the experience will be This is a big discount. This is also a big problem for users and LED display companies. So after doing the preliminary work, the after-sales service must be in place, and the brand building is more than half successful. The LED display industry is still on the rise, but the premise is that the two major difficulties mentioned above need to be resolved. Huaze Optoelectronics adheres to product quality first, and while building a leading brand in the LED display industry, the after-sales follow-up service of the product is also the ultimate! Huaze Optoelectronics will definitely break through numerous difficulties and move towards the pinnacle of the industry. Welcome everyone to visit and guide.
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