LED display for the benefit of the people-exposure to Lao Lai_square LED display | outdoor LED displ

LED display for the benefit of the people-exposure to Lao Lai_square LED display | outdoor LED display | large led screen

by:XY Screens     2021-10-06
1. Shifeng Court exposed Lao Lai’s information. Last year, Shifeng District Court further strengthened its enforcement. The Court’s Executive Bureau closed 1,182 cases throughout the year and exposed 'Laolai'’s information on the LED display in a square with a large number of people. Headshots and arrears information. The Shifeng District Court and the police perfected the enforcement linkage mechanism, and reported clues to the untrustworthy person who had not been there for a long time to the public security organs, and the police used the advantage of investigation to find and control the person or related personnel, thus successfully seizing 12 untrustworthy persons. The person to be executed. 2. Jiangbei Court exposed Laolai information. Ji Zhi, deputy director of the Executive Bureau of Jiangbei Court, introduced that under the coordination of Jiangbei District Committee, Jiangbei Court pioneered the use of public welfare hours to 'show Lao Lai' on LED displays in the business district. In the past two years, this initiative has achieved good results. 'The court and the district committee are coordinating. In the near future, we will use Maoye's 'Asia's First Screen' to expose the untrustworthy person subject to enforcement.' 3. Dezhou Intermediate People's Court exposed that Lao Lai's information is located on Dexing Middle Avenue in Dezhou City. The People’s Court uses LED large screens to broadcast 'information of untrustworthy persons subject to enforcement' every day. The names, ages, photos, ID numbers and other personal information of 116 untrustworthy persons who are commonly known as 'Laolai' are divided into groups of two. In installments and batches, rolling 'drying' to the public has attracted many passing pedestrians and nearby people to stop and watch. Many people said: 'This makes Lao Lai lose a lot of face, and Lao Lai will not be able to do anything in society!' 4. Yanjiang District Court exposes Lao Lai's information. There are many ways of exposure. In addition to publicizing the untrustworthy person on public platforms such as court bulletin boards, newspapers, and television media, an LED display exposure platform has also been set up outside the Straits Celebrity Hotel, and the mobile car LED has been promoted in the Public Security Bureau. The list of persons to be executed was announced, and the information of 72 persons to be executed was exposed on outdoor led display screens and the media. At the same time, the Executive Bureau dispatched police officers to the communities and towns where the untrustworthy person was registered and posted information on the untrustworthy person on the bulletin boards. A total of 114 copies were posted to 57 people. These 57 people were exposed by the Strait Exposure Station for failing to fulfill the obligations of effective legal documents. The person to be executed. At present, first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen are strictly regulating the outdoor LED display advertising market, and the approval of outdoor LED display will be more and more stringent. The installation location will be changed from the previous 'blooming everywhere' type to 'landing operation'. Type (pure commercial area) transfer, and such a change will have a certain impact on the development of outdoor display screens. However, according to the above case of the 'distrustful executioner exposure platform' of the LED display, while emphasizing the commercial nature of the LED display, it should also strengthen its social management attributes, so as to reduce people's exposure to the outdoors to a certain extent. The negative evaluation of the LED display has drawn in the sense of distance with the audience, making the LED display more popular in the field of outdoor display.
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