LED display manufacturer Huaze Optoelectronics P481 outdoor small-pitch LED display with hundreds of

LED display manufacturer Huaze Optoelectronics P4.81 outdoor small-pitch LED display with hundreds of square meters of stage rental screens settled in South Korea

by:XY Screens     2021-10-06
Huaze Optoelectronics P4.81 outdoor small-pitch LED display with a hundred square meters stage rental screen successfully settled in Incheon, South Korea. When it comes to South Korea, what do you think of first? Food, handsome guys, beauties... Now, the successful entry of the Huaze P4.81 stage rental screen will take you back to the memory buried deep in your mind-you from the stars. This once-popular TV series was taken in Incheon—Incheon University and Incheon Metropolitan Museum. The P4.81 stage rental screen shot this time is a scene being debugged under direct sunlight, mainly used for “Great A large-scale stage performance with the theme of '70 Happiness and 20 Years' is divided into three screens. The biggest feature of rental screens is that they move frequently, so following the pace of our rental screens, you can appreciate the beauty of different Korea, such as the places where 'You from the Star' has been and various tourist attractions. The LED display manufacturer Huaze Optoelectronics P4.81 outdoor small-pitch LED display has hundreds of square meters of stage rental screens to settle in South Korea. P4.81 belongs to the outdoor small-pitch series of products, which has the characteristics of low brightness and low gray, fine image quality, and high refresh rate. For example: 1. Low gray and low brightness: In the case of low grayscale and low brightness, the picture is still clearly visible and the color reproduction is high. 2. Unique design: the box body has a scale and can be rotated by 15 degrees. According to a certain arc, it can be assembled into a round screen, an arc screen, etc., it can be made into a floor tile screen when it is flat, and it can be made into a hoisting or fixed installation when it is erected. Screens and led rental screens, etc. 3. Cabinet compatibility: The cabinet size is 500*500mm/500*1000mm, which can be used with P2.98, P3.91, P4.81, P5.95, P6.25 indoor and outdoor cabinets. 4. High quality material selection: P4.81 outdoor surface mount full-color screen uses SMD2727 lamp beads, which is waterproof, good heat dissipation performance, wide viewing angle, high brightness, and the cabinet adopts die-cast aluminum structure, which has high strength, strong toughness, high precision, and is not easy to deform. Features. 5. Fast installation: positioning pins are used between the box body and the box body, one push, two twists and three tightening, three steps in place, especially suitable for large splicing occasions. When making the LED floor tile screen, the four corners of the bottom of the box are added with positioning beads, which can be used to adjust the height and balance of the floor tile screen. 6. Convenient to move: Use air box packaging, convenient to move anytime and anywhere, when it is designed as a floor tile screen, place acrylic glass on the box body, the glass is separated from the LED floor tile screen, which is convenient for maintenance and disassembly, and acrylic glass It has the advantages of abrasion resistance and not easy to scratch. A track design is added under the cabinet, which can be moved arbitrarily, perfectly displaying the opening and closing floor tile screen, any shape floor tile screen, including the round LED floor tile screen. 7. High load-bearing capacity: A single 500*1000mm floor tile screen can bear a load of 300KG, and its appearance is beautiful and generous. It can drive a car on the led floor tile screen without deformation or damage. It is precisely because the P4.81 outdoor small-pitch LED display has so many advantages, since our company developed this product last year, customers have applied the product in the fields of stage rental, fixed-mounted led display, led floor tile display, etc. , And has been promoted in major regions, and has been recognized by the market.
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