LED display rental-mobile performance LED big screen-LED color screen needs to do a good job of fire

LED display rental-mobile performance LED big screen-LED color screen needs to do a good job of fire protection technology guarantee

by:XY Screens     2021-10-04
With the rapid development of modern technology, the application of LED display rental screens has become more and more extensive. Commercial performances, new product promotion fairs, cultural performances and other LED displays frequently appear. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the performance, the standardization and standardization of LED products have been put on the agenda again. Especially LED display fire safety application technology is the focus. Mobile performance LED display companies must pay attention to the following issues in the performance of the project: the quality of LED display fire protection technology is mainly related to the display fireproof raw materials and cabinet technology. Mobile performance companies must laboriously check in the procurement process. Fireproof raw materials mainly include the wires used inside the display screen, the power supply, the fireproof materials for the external protective structure and the plastic kit:    The first point: UL-certified power supply products are also the best choice when choosing similar products. They are effective The conversion rate can ensure the safety and stability of the power load, and it can work normally under the hot external environment. The second point: in terms of the materials of the external protective structure of the LED display, most of the display products with higher fire protection levels on the market are The use of fire-resistant aluminum-plastic panels has excellent fire resistance, strong fire and flame retardancy, and strong oxygen aging performance of the core material special material. The melting point temperature is 135°C, the decomposition temperature is ≥300°C, environmental protection performance, low smoke and halogen free, conforming to SGS, flame retardant B-S1, d0, t0, refer to the standard UL94, GB/8624-2006. The aluminum-plastic panels of general outdoor display products age quickly with high temperature, rain, cold and heat impact, so that in the humid climate season, rain and dew will easily penetrate into the screen and cause short circuits in electronic components and cause fires. Third point : There is another important part of the fireproof raw materials for LED display screens, that is, the plastic kit. The plastic kit is mainly the material used for the bottom shell of the unit module mask. The main raw material used is the flame-retardant PC+glass fiber material, which not only has the flame-retardant function. , It can be used in high and low temperature and long-term use without deformation, brittleness and cracking. At the same time, it can be used in combination with a better sealing glue to effectively prevent rainwater from the external environment from penetrating into the interior and causing short-circuit and fire. The fourth point: In most display applications, the larger the unit area of u200bu200bthe display, the greater the power consumption, and the higher the power-on stability of the wire. Among many wire products, the use of wires that meet the requirements of the national standard can ensure their safety and stability. There are three requirements: the core is a copper wire conductive carrier, the cross-sectional area tolerance of the core is within the standard range, and the insulation of the rubber covering the core And the flame retardancy meets the standard, compared with the general copper clad aluminum core, the core cross-sectional area is small, and the insulation rubber grade is not enough, the energization performance is more stable, and the short circuit is not prone to occur. In addition to the internal raw materials that will affect the fire prevention effect, the external configuration and design are also very important, but the external configuration mainly involves heat dissipation in the fire prevention problem. When the LED display is working, an exhaust fan and air conditioner will be configured to cool the interior of the screen. , It is recommended to install a 1P air conditioner every 8-10 square meters to ensure that the temperature in the screen is maintained at a normal constant temperature. Inadequate configuration of the air conditioner or exhaust fan will cause uneven heat dissipation, which may easily lead to hidden safety hazards inside the screen due to temperature rise. At the same time, many LED display rental companies simply simulate the spray waterproof test in the external environment when testing the protection level of the cabinet. The durability and strength of the waterproof effect need to be verified, so the display products have been used for a period of time. Afterwards, water seepage occurs, which is an important reason why outdoor displays are prone to fire or have a short service life. When dealing with thunderstorms, the lightning arrester on the screen is also an indispensable tool to prevent the internal components of the screen from being damaged by lightning. It can directly lead the lightning to the ground without affecting the screen. Huaze Optoelectronics LED display has stable quality, reasonable price and perfect service! Ideal choice for customers!
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