LED display will replace most outdoor advertising carriers_LED display manufacturer|Huaze Optoelectr

LED display will replace most outdoor advertising carriers_LED display manufacturer|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-10-05
Due to the strong plasticity of the LED display, it can be customized according to various on-site conditions, and can also be water-proof and dust-proof. It has a large area of u200bu200bhigh-definition and multi-view angle, and can interact with users, etc., which is welcomed by the majority of advertisers. LED display screens can be designed into various shapes according to the user's creativity, such as LED spherical screens, LED cylindrical screens, LED special-shaped screens, etc. Therefore, full-color LED displays will surely replace most outdoor advertising carriers. 1. Automatically adjust the brightness, energy saving and environmental protection. The country strongly advocates energy saving. In response to the national call, the outdoor LED display smart system can automatically adjust the brightness and automatically cut off the power. A digital led billboard was customized in London, England. The led billboard consists of a simple circuit diagram and a Kit Kat chocolate-style switch. When the clock struck 8:30, the Kit Kat on the circuit was suddenly broken into two segments, and the poster's power was turned off. It coincides with the turn-off time of the lights on the tower bridge, this time the perfect linkage gives people an illusion: as if it has turned off the power of the bridge, this effect is both beautiful and energy-saving. 2. Small-pitch LED display screens that can be touched for better interactive experience. Not only that, the outdoor LED display products of many current LED display manufacturers have also begun to lean toward interactive technology. Recently, the industry's screen companies launched a touch-able and writable COB small-pitch LED display system, which uses infrared scanning multi-point technology to achieve multi-point smooth touch effects. The effective touch area can be customized according to the actual needs of users, and it is opened in the field of large screens. A new experience of 'human-computer interaction'. 3. Creative video display effect to increase customer traffic. McDonald's, which prefers outdoor advertising, designed an innovative video effect: using real-time data from the Bureau of Meteorology on the LED display to bring new life to the unpredictable weather. An unpackaged burger represents the sun, and it’s good in a sunny day; while an overturned French fries means rain, so remember to bring an umbrella when you go out; French fries dipped in tomato juice vividly show the temperature status; smoking Coffee is naturally cloudy. A total of 8 different icons have been designed to show how the weather changes in April. This special effect perfectly attracts the user's visual effects and generates interaction, bringing more user traffic to the business. Fourth, digital support, more flexible communication methods. With the large-scale successful deployment of digital outdoor networks, continuous breakthroughs in LED display technology, and the addition of new methods and technologies such as live broadcast, multi-screen simultaneous broadcast, package screen, and interaction, flexible It meets the multi-faceted needs of outdoor large screens, and makes up for the defects of conventional outdoor media's monotonous appeal form and simple operation. Outdoor advertising has already crossed an era of one-way communication. How to make audiences become part of the interaction has been the subject of current outdoor LED advertising development research, and it is also the direction of LED display enterprise technology, products, and solutions innovation. In terms of content dissemination, flexible creativity and diversified innovation methods may become the mainstream development direction of LED in the future. As a professional LED display manufacturer in China, Huaze Optoelectronics will continue to update and upgrade its products to provide you with more high-quality LED display products.
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