LED displays are gradually replacing traditional commercial display devices_LED display manufacturer

LED displays are gradually replacing traditional commercial display devices_LED display manufacturers|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-10-04
It is estimated that the market value of large commercial displays (LFD) will reach US$14.93 billion by 2023, with a compound annual growth rate of 6.7% from 2017 to 2023. At present, LED displays are gradually acquiring traditional commercial display devices. The explosive growth in this field provides another possibility for the future growth of LED displays. In addition, the strong support of the inland provinces and cities to the LED display industry has also greatly reduced the operating pressure of LED display companies, which will help companies increase their Ru0026D, production, and promotion costs, which is not without help to the development of the company... …All this shows that although this is the era of competition among the heroes, it is also the best era for the rapid development of screen enterprises and leaps and bounds.    The future market is broad and the segmented areas are prosperous.    The outdoor advertising report of the research institution pointed out that the global outdoor advertising market has shown a trend in which traditional static billboards and posters have been replaced by digital signage systems. In addition, another Chinese media report also pointed out that the total media spending in China in 2017 will increase by 7.8%, reaching 581.39 billion yuan, while outdoor advertising will increase by 8.1%. Combining the LED display with high tolerance and suitable for outdoor features, there is no doubt that its market share in the field of outdoor display will further increase.     From the perspective of the market demand for LED displays, the strong growth momentum of small pitch has undoubtedly brought new hopes to the industry. Judging from the corporate performance report for the first quarter, most of the key LED small-pitch screen manufacturers performed well, and the sales of small-pitch products of individual manufacturers increased by more than 50%. Moreover, with the increase in output and the decrease in costs, small-pitch display products have also begun to penetrate from the high-end field into the low-end and large-screen fields, which is bound to bring a new round of product upgrades and further stimulate market demand.     In addition, the demand for sub-sectors has gradually become prominent. In the past two years, LED transparent screens have successfully entered the commercial display and stage beauty market with a sense of technology and fashion, releasing the charm of transparent display; LED special-shaped screens have also gained bars, stage beauty, etc. with a break-of-conventional appearance and customized models. Favored by the field; LED floor tile screens, LED flexible screens, smart LED displays, and more detailed fields such as VR/AR, naked-eye 3D LED displays, etc. have begun to prosper, and display demand will be further explored.     such a broad prospect is not inferior to that when the market had not been vigorously developed in the past and people did not know enough about LED displays. In the LED display industry, we should feel fortunate-the market is more fully educated, but not saturated, and the emerging fields have huge potential, allowing companies to have plenty of room to develop the blue ocean of the market.
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