LED light pole screens provide more support for smart cities_LED light pole screen manufacturers|Hua

LED light pole screens provide more support for smart cities_LED light pole screen manufacturers|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-10-03
LED light pole screens are being welcomed by many media companies and government agencies due to their multi-point placement and simultaneous display characteristics. Mainly installed on the street light poles on highways, both sides of the street, etc., because the LED light pole screen has the characteristics of synchronous reception and synchronous playback, no matter how far the car travels, it will always be accompanied by high-definition street light screens. The light pole screen not only has unique advantages in road guidance, road condition broadcasting, information release, advertising promotion, etc., but also has a considerable effect on alleviating the fatigue of car drivers on highways. At present, many enterprises in the LED display industry are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises. Many of these small and medium-sized enterprises are in the homogenization of the industry and the various chaos of the prevalence of price wars are miserable. It is like a drowning child who catches what he sees. , Do whatever you can make money. In these companies' standing and chaos, they often find ways to get in regardless of the subdivision of screens, as long as there is a market, whether it is traditional LED displays, LED transparent screens or bar screens, they all want to get involved. As a result, many businesses and A company that is technically miscellaneous but not specialized. The smart LED light pole screen can not only play audio, video, text and other multimedia content, but also connect to Wi-Fi with a mobile phone to monitor road video information, display temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, PM2.5 value and other environmental data, and at the same time It can also broadcast information such as convenience services to realize commercial value and livelihood service functions. People can pay attention to changes in the surrounding environment in time and make corresponding life and production responses. In terms of the amount of advertising, the light box advertisement can only be an advertisement. It is not only a small amount of replacement, but also very troublesome. It consumes a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, and the effect is not good, and the led light pole screen With a powerful control system, you can control the change of the LED light pole screen advertisement with the help of the control system, which is extremely convenient. Its service life is also very long, the degree of light decay is relatively small, and it is relatively durable. The service life is generally 10 years. In addition to the basic functions of road lighting, Huaze Optoelectronics' borderless LED light pole screen integrates Wi-Fi along the street, camera, voice broadcast, display, signage, environmental detection (PM2.5), weather detection, and mobile phone. Multiple functions such as charging and car charging piles. Tianjin, Shenzhen, and Beijing all have LED light pole screen pilot projects, and the actual results have also been accepted and recognized by relevant government departments. Mounting the LED light pole display screen on each street light pole can not only realize the comprehensive utilization of the street light poles, so that the road is no longer monotonous, but also can play colorful decorative pictures according to different festivals to beautify the city. At the same time, it can also provide citizens with weather changes, environmental pollution values, and road traffic conditions, bringing more convenience to citizens. As an important segment of LED display screens, the development of LED light pole screens will surely drive the development of the entire LED display industry. Looking at the entire Chinese LED display industry, the state of large but not strong has not been reversed, and this state has been changed. The most important thing is to form the core competitiveness. As a LED display manufacturer, Huaze Optoelectronics has advanced Ru0026D and production technology, provides perfect after-sales service, and provides better services for everyone.
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