LED sky screen can be called the architectural miracle under the photoelectric image_full color led

LED sky screen can be called the architectural miracle under the photoelectric image_full color led display manufacturer|huaze photoelectric

by:XY Screens     2021-10-07
The name of the full-color LED display is generally named according to the installation environment. The large LED full-color display that is hung on the stage for acting or showing movies is called the main screen, and the sides on both sides of the stage are called LED side screens. Call it the LED sky screen, and today I will take you to learn about the LED sky screen. The LED sky screen uses modern optical display technology and advanced LED Ru0026D and production technology to form thousands of LEDs (light emitting diodes) into a graphic display device that can display video, image, text and other information. The LED sky screen is hoisted on the ceiling of the building for rendering, decoration and lighting effects. Generally suitable for high-end star hotel lobbies, large shopping malls, commercial pedestrian streets, city central squares, large stages, etc. On the ceiling of a large building, it has a large area, light weight, and various shapes. Full-color LED display screens are always displayed in front of our eyes. They play a leading role in the commercial display field. They are widely used by businesses for various outdoor and indoor advertising. However, full-color LED display screens are used to make a canopy to wrap the business. And those peculiarly shaped and beautiful canopy projects are even more treasures, and they can be called architectural miracles under the photoelectric image. This is closely related to the status of the 'nobleman' of the LED canopy. The emergence of LED sky screens is the result of technology, and it is also a development trend of commercial lighting design. It enriches people's thinking with its magnificent, shocking, and bright characteristics. The 'LED Sky Screen' system has a colorful LED display effect in design, and is equipped with a three-dimensional sound and image sound reinforcement system, which perfectly achieves the synchronization of image and sound. The large LED sky screen hoisted on the top of the ceiling is like a brightly colored silk and a bright and deep sky, and is combined with new-type LED light strips, light strips, spotlights and other lighting equipment to play a brightening and rendering role. Being in it gives people a shocking visual and auditory experience with strong visual impact. It becomes a tall indoor LED display, which is integrated with the building and integrated into one, realizing the interlacing of light and shadow and the lingering vocal music. The largest dome-type LED sky screen in China's indoor shopping mall was officially completed in Dalian Central Avenue Tourism and Culture Shopping Center, adding a rich color to the LED sky screen field. The LED canopy is being integrated into our lives, shaping a profoundly romantic 'sky'.
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