LED special-shaped screens bring more possibilities to the led display industry_led special-shaped s

LED special-shaped screens bring more possibilities to the led display industry_led special-shaped screen manufacturers|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-10-06
LED special-shaped display screen, also known as creative screen, belongs to a kind of LED display screen. The led special-shaped screen is a special-shaped display modified on the basis of a conventional screen. Its product is characterized to adapt to the overall structure and environment of the building. The size and size of the led special-shaped screen can be customized according to specific requirements, and the special shape Under the special structure of the screen, the viewing effect is even more shocking. LED special-shaped display screens are generally classified by shape. Today, I will take you to learn about several typical LED special-shaped screens: 1. LED cube screen The LED cube screen is a square composed of six faces, and the minimum between the faces is achieved. Gap the perfect connection! Using advanced cabinet design technology and combining with the actual installation site environment, a new led display led by creativity has been created. The most attractive thing about this display is its unique shape, which breaks away from the senses of the traditional flat display. Brings a new visual three-dimensional sense. It is suitable for installation in the atrium of a bar, hotel or commercial real estate, and can give the audience a new visual experience. 2. LED bar DJ station In the past two years, LED bar DJ station has become the standard configuration of some top bars and nightclubs. The LEDDJ station can match the DJ with the most dazzling effect, making the music and vision a perfect match. By matching customized video, the DJ station and the large LED screen are integrated, which can be played independently, combined with the large screen, or superimposed to make the stage more layered. 3. The unique and novel structural design of the LED rolling screen can realize the arbitrary surface changes along the top and bottom and left and right of the screen to meet the needs of a variety of irregular realities; the top and bottom of the LED rolling screen can change along any curved surface, and it can be 360 The screen body can be folded and bent at 90° to the left and right; it is placed on the top (and can be adjusted according to the actual situation), and the layout of the up and down wiring makes the whole screen look orderly; all parts of the screen body are open-molded The plastic shell not only guarantees high precision, but also realizes the ultra-thin and ultra-light screen; it adopts vacuum polymer nanotechnology to fill the glue to reach the outdoor waterproof level; the screen is light and easy to install, and it is mainly suitable for rental places. 4. LED spherical screen The LED spherical screen is designed with an all-aluminum structure, which is very sturdy in structure and strong in durability; at the same time, it can be designed in a movable form, which is convenient to carry, and can also be hoisted or seated; 360° full viewing angle, Play the video in all directions, and you can feel good visual effects from any angle, and there is no flat viewing angle; it can be designed and produced according to customer requirements, the minimum diameter is 1 meter, and it can be used indoors and outdoors; at the same time, the spherical surface is completely completed by CNC, precise The module size ensures the uniformity of the overall curvature of the LED spherical screen, making the spherical shape look regular and perfect. As a relatively novel display form, the led special-shaped screen has its unique display charm, and more and more people will realize its superiority in display. Coupled with the diversification of products to meet the individual needs of customers, more and more users have recognized the special-shaped screens. The current domestic LED special-shaped screen market is more inclined to users with special needs. In the past two years, the application range of special-shaped screens has gradually expanded, but it is mainly used in places such as performing arts venues, outdoor media, exhibition halls and squares.
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