LED transparent display has become a new partner for glass curtain wall|led transparent screen-XY Sc

LED transparent display has become a new partner for glass curtain wall|led transparent screen

by:XY Screens     2021-10-01
Advantages of LED transparent screen 1. High transparent effect: The light transmittance of transparent LED display screen can be about 50-90% with different dot pitch. The perspective effect makes the glass retain the function of daylighting and perspective, and the LED is almost invisible from a distance. The existence of the lamp makes the daylighting of the glass curtain wall unaffected. The transparent LED display has a very high perspective rate, ensuring the lighting requirements and viewing angle range of lighting structures between floors, glass facades, windows, etc., and ensuring the original lighting perspective function of the glass curtain wall, occupying a small space and light weight: The main board of the screen is only 10mm thick. After the transparent LED screen is installed, it takes up almost no space and does not interfere with other facilities or structures near the glass curtain wall. It is directly pasted to the glass curtain wall. In addition, the transparent LED display does not require a steel frame structure, which saves a lot of installation and maintenance costs. It is extremely easy to install and maintain indoors. In addition, its unique display effect, because the display background is transparent Yes, it can make the advertising screen feel like floating on the glass curtain wall. It has the characteristics of good advertising effect and artistic effect. It provides customers with glass curtain wall buildings, shopping malls, stages, airports, hotels and various glass windows, etc. occasion. The effective combination of modern art beauty of LED transparent display and shopping mall environment is a wide range of application prospects for shopping malls, glass partitions, etc. In high-end application places, such as the installation of glass curtain wall LED displays in automobile 4S shops, not only can it achieve the best transparent effect of the glass, but also ensure that the interior design of the shop is not affected. In the case of a limited glass area, the maximum screen resolution can be achieved. At the same time, the transparent effect of the glass curtain wall is guaranteed, and it can be seen from indoor or outdoor. It makes the high-end atmosphere more advanced technological atmosphere. In addition, in some retail stores, such as KFC, McDonald’s and other places, paper posters are often pasted, and the emergence of transparent LED displays can replace the existing paper posters accordingly, forming a kind of transparent ' led advertising screen'. Because it is not only light, thin, and easy to install, it also has unparalleled pixel pitch and high transparency. Its use overcomes the trouble of posting and replacing ordinary paper posters, and it does not have the weaknesses of ordinary LED screens that are bulky, impermeable, and unsightly. In terms of operation and control, many glass curtain wall manufacturers have adopted advanced design concepts, which can easily implement operations such as loading, deleting, and setting, which are generally used by shop assistants, and can also be remotely clustered to control transparent LEDs in different locations. The display screen takes into account various application and control requirements. With the rapid expansion of the digital signage industry represented by retail, LED transparent screens have brought revolutionary changes to retailers, and have become increasingly popular in the fields of building facades, glass window decoration, and interior decoration. The transparent LED screen is very suitable for the display of advertisements in the car's 4S spot window. With less occlusion and higher permeability, the entire screen looks more concise and elegant, and the appearance is more beautiful. It can be better integrated with the glass window of the car 4S shop to achieve better 'stealth'.
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