LED transparent screen is a more beautiful and atmospheric advertising carrier, your better choice-L

LED transparent screen is a more beautiful and atmospheric advertising carrier, your better choice-LED transparent screen manufacturer|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-10-02
Outdoor advertising has always been the most important market for LED displays. However, in recent years, as the light pollution problem of LED outdoor advertising screens has gradually increased, and the structural safety of LED display screens have also attracted users' attention, the technical standards and installation approval of LED outdoor display screens have become more stringent by relevant agencies. Conventional LED outdoor advertising screens can brighten the city and release information during work. However, due to its steel structure, when the LED display is not in use, it stands in the middle and appears incompatible with the surrounding environment, which greatly affects the city. Beautiful. The LED transparent screen, with its high transparency, invisible installation, high-brightness display and other characteristics, just makes up for the defects of conventional LED display screens in this respect, and to the greatest extent eliminates the problem of urban aesthetics. In the application process, the LED transparent screen is mostly installed behind the glass curtain wall. When it is not working during the day, it will not affect the surrounding environment in the slightest. At the same time, because the LED transparent screen adopts a new form of indoor advertising and outdoor communication, it circumvents the approval of outdoor advertising. Due to the transparency and aesthetics of LED transparent screens, in the commercial market, LED transparent screen applications have become like a fish in water and become popular. Relying on the characteristics of transparency, thinness, installation, energy saving and environmental protection, it is widely favored by the market, and it plays an irreplaceable position in the beautification and display of big cities in my country. LED transparent screen products are mainly used in the following aspects: Chain stores: The distinctive store image can attract consumers to stop and increase passenger flow. The unique design method allows the transparent LED display to replace the traditional storefront external LED display, and richer and more vivid video advertisements make the store extremely cool and attractive. Glass showcase: With the rapid expansion of the digital signage industry represented by retail, LED transparent screens have brought revolutionary changes to retailers, and are becoming increasingly popular in the fields of building facades, LED glass window decorations, and interior decoration. Large shopping malls: The modern artistic beauty of the LED transparent display screen is effectively combined with the shopping mall environment, and there are broad application prospects in shopping malls and glass partitions. Science and Technology Museum: The Science and Technology Museum is an important scene for spreading scientific knowledge. The transparent LED display can be customized in special shapes. As a high-tech effect display, people can perceive the magic and mystery of technology through the transparent LED screen. Construction media: With the development of LED technology. Building media technology has also made great progress, especially in the application of glass curtain wall construction, which has gradually become popular in recent years, and various solutions such as LED light bar screens and transparent LED sky screens have appeared. Stage beauty: LED transparent screens can be built according to the diversification of the stage shape, using the transparent, light and thin characteristics of the LED screen body to produce a strong perspective effect, making the depth of field of the entire screen longer. At the same time, it does not hinder the stage design to leave the space for the lighting to hang and play, and to give the stage a certain atmosphere and dynamics, and to express the theme more. The LED transparent screen retains the advantages of easy control, low-voltage DC drive, rich color performance after combination, and long service life of the traditional LED display. Because of its unique advantages in the application of glass curtain walls, it is widely used in urban lighting projects and large-screen display systems. At the same time, it can be used as an indoor display curtain wall, which is widely used in large square lighting, stage scenery, bars, high-end dance halls, urban landmark buildings, municipal buildings, airports, automobile 4S shops, hotels, banks, brand chain stores, etc. It has both LEDs The glass display screen not only has the practicality of the display screen, but also has a certain degree of beauty and concealment. The traditional LED glass screen must be adhered to the glass, and the LED transparent screen cannot be installed where the glass is not installed. Moreover, because the viscose is prone to aging, the LED transparent screen may fall off based on the aging of the module if it is used a little more, causing great safety hazards. Huaze Optoelectronics LED transparent screen can exist independently, no longer rely on glass, and realize more creative possibilities. With the help of unique circuit design, Huaze Optoelectronics LED transparent screen has very low power consumption. The excellent ventilation performance makes the LED transparent screen completely abandon the heat dissipation equipment such as air conditioners and fans, and use natural ventilation for cooling. It also saves a lot of investment and subsequent air-conditioning electricity costs.
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