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Let's start! Audiovisual industry product exchange and training meeting

by:XY Screens     2021-09-10
Feel the new realm of audiovisual products, understand the latest products and technology trends of audiovisual enterprises! The audiovisual industry product exchange and training conference hosted by AVglobals Global Audiovisual, look forward to your participation! Powerful engineering projector, immersive 3D film and television system, Super restored projection screen, high-quality audio reproduction of the original sound, and supporting wire products...    perception, experience, and a deeper understanding of technology and applications will be in the Banquet Hall 5, Dongguan Exhibition International Hotel on August 21 , As a media platform for the global audio-visual industry, AVglobals global audio-visual network, will bring you another new experiential interactive experience. The five-star hotel conference venue + the latest technology products of audio-visual enterprises, all reflect the great vision of our audio-visual industry to achieve a feast of light and shadow. Shenzhen Projection Display Technology Co., Ltd. is also invited as a participant. The company has been invited to participate in the promotion platform for product display, new product release, and audio-visual professional technical training. With the help of the global audio-visual platform event, the company specially invites various companies' agents, channel dealers, and distributors to the event site for product professional technical training; The event gathered manufacturers, distributors, distributors, agents, system integrators, engineering companies and end customers in the audio-visual industry; through the exchange activities, make friends in the industry, impart product knowledge, and tap potential business opportunities; join hands in international audio-visual industry exhibitions A grand event, open up a broader market, and pave the way for enterprises to 'go out'!   Time: August 21, 13:00-17:00 Venue: Banquet Hall 5, Dongguan Exhibition International Hotel Tel: 0755-83227596/83227586 400- 000-3925 The company will participate in the recent international exhibition Australia Exhibition: Name: Integrate Expo   Time: August 26-28, 2014 Address: Sydney Convention and Exhibition Center, Australia Dubai Exhibition: Name: InfoComm Middle East u0026 Africa   Time: October 13, 2014 -16th Address: Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center
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