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Let's start! Audiovisual industry product exchange and training meeting

by:XY Screens     2021-09-11
Feel the new realm of audio-visual products, understand the latest products and technology trends of audio-visual enterprises! The audio-visual industry product exchange and training meeting hosted by AVglobals Global Audio-visual, look forward to your participation! Powerful engineering projector, immersive 3D film and television system, Super restored projection screen, high-quality audio reproduction of the original sound, and supporting wire products...    perception, experience, and a deeper understanding of technology and applications will be in the Banquet Hall 5, Dongguan Exhibition International Hotel on August 21 , As a media platform for the global audio-visual industry, AVglobals global audio-visual network, will bring you another new experiential interactive experience. The five-star hotel conference venue + the latest technology products of audio-visual enterprises, all reflect the great vision of our audio-visual industry to achieve a feast of light and shadow. Shenzhen Projection Display Technology Co., Ltd. is also invited as a participant. The company has been invited to participate in the promotion platform for product display, new product release, and audio-visual professional technical training. With the help of the global audio-visual platform activity, the company specially invites various companies' agents, channel dealers, and distributors to the event site for product professional technical training; The event gathered manufacturers, distributors, distributors, agents, system integrators, engineering companies and end customers in the audiovisual industry; through this exchange activity, we made friends in the industry, imparted product knowledge, and explored potential business opportunities; joined hands in international audiovisual industry exhibitions A grand event, open up a broader market, and pave the way for enterprises to 'go out'!   Time: August 21, 13:00-17:00 Venue: Banquet Hall 5, Dongguan Exhibition International Hotel Tel: 0755-83227596/83227586 400- 000-3925 The company will participate in the recent international exhibition Australia Exhibition: Name: Integrate Expo   Time: August 26-28, 2014 Address: Sydney Convention and Exhibition Center, Australia Dubai Exhibition: Name: InfoComm Middle East u0026 Africa   Time: October 13, 2014 -16th Address: Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center
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