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Li Na is the greatest athlete in Chinese history

by:XY Screens     2021-08-30
The boots finally fell. Yesterday, Li Na posted a 'Farewell Letter to Retirement' on Weibo. Although we are quite regretful that we can never see him swinging and attacking in the world tennis arena again, but there is also a feeling of settled and stable. The rumors and discussions surrounding Li Na's retirement have been around for a long time. In July of this year, Li Na announced her withdrawal from this year's US Open via Weibo. Since then, news about 'Li Na is about to retire' has been heard. Especially during the U.S. Open in early September, US tennis star Mary Carillo broke the news that 'Li Na will retire after the end of the Asian season' during the CBS U.S. Open broadcast, pushing the rumors of 'Li Na's retirement' to a climax. Although Li Na had indirectly refuted the rumors on her personal Weibo, and her agent also denied the rumors of retirement, she still could not stop everyone's guesses. Why do people care so much about Li Na's stay? For one thing, her retirement will be a big loss for both Chinese tennis and world women’s tennis; for the two, for countless fans in the world, Li Na once brought them countless joys, surprises, and accompany They spent unforgettable days, and the feeling of nostalgia can be imagined; of the three, Li Na has won too many miracles for Chinese tennis. This is not only an honor, but also a landmark exploration of Chinese sports' success outside the system. In the history of the four major tennis tournaments, singles finals have always been monopolized by Europeans and Americans. Li Na is the first Chinese player to win the women's doubles and women's singles championship trophies, and is also the only Asian player to win the Grand Slam women's singles championship. In terms of record, championship, ranking, and breakthrough level, she is already the undisputed first person in Asian history and the greatest athlete in Chinese history. And another thing that is proud of is that because of Li Na’s achievements and world influence, the WTA Board of Directors finally approved the 'World Women's Professional Tennis Tournament WTA Super Five Tour' to be held in Wuhan, China from 2014 to 2028. This is the first time that China has hosted it. The world-class tennis tournament will undoubtedly greatly increase China's tennis population base, accelerate the reform of China's sports system, and promote the professional development of China's tennis. In this sense, Li Na is like a butterfly, flapping a pair of beautiful wings, bringing a 'butterfly effectSuch an athlete who has created a glorious history and made a great contribution has aroused people's concern. Her retirement has detonated the fans' regrets and sighs, which is really reasonable. However, Li Na also set a record, that is, when she won the Australian Open at the beginning of this year, she was almost 32 years old, surpassing the star Margaret Court to become the oldest women's singles champion in the Australian Open. This age may be an extreme physical challenge for a female athlete, especially a female tennis player who consumes a lot of physical strength. Injury troubles even made her have to retire and withdraw from the first year of the Wushu tournament held in her hometown of Wuhan. The hope of many Chinese fans eager to watch Li Na play at the 'home court' has to be shattered. This may be Li Naji. What her fans regret for life. However, who said that regret is not a kind of beauty? In the competitive sports arena, no one can challenge for a lifetime. As Li Na said, “A career is like a life, and they all have an end.” As age, injuries, and conditions decline, instead of struggling, they can’t be satisfied and retired. It might not be a happy ending. Choosing to leave the tennis court with the honor of winning a grand slam and being ranked second in the world is the best confession to oneself, the best reward for those who care about her, and the greatest respect for the profession. In fact, one of the greatest enlightenments or meanings Li Na brings to us lies in his respect for his career from beginning to end, the spirit of 'believe in yourself, follow your dreams, and persevere to the end'. Once upon a time, many people did not believe in Li Na’s talent and ability in tennis, but she finally proved that the judgment of others and even herself was wrong. Perseverance to dreams, dedication beyond imagination, and achievements far exceeded her own. Dreams and their role models have a huge motivational effect. The second is a society’s affirmation of individual value and tolerance of “heterogeneous” who “do not take the ordinary path”. Everyone can follow their dreams. Everyone can use their own efforts to achieve success. This is what a normal society should have. Quality. That's why we have expectations for the upcoming tennis rookies. Li Na may be more relaxed now than ever. She finally completed the first half of her life, began the second half of her life, gave birth to children, and returned to the family. At the same time, as she said in the farewell letter of retirement, she would formulate various promotion China's tennis development plan. Including the opening of the 'Li Na Tennis SchoolAnd “behind the scenes” is never a trivial matter. The bigger one is the soil, the environment, and the system. With Li Na’s influence, she can do more “behind the scenes”. This may be Li Na’s most exciting contribution in the second half. We look forward to it. She used the same professional professionalism to win the second half and present the same wonderful game to the world. Thanks to Li Na, for the happiness and surprises she brought us, the glory for tennis and the country, and the living examples to prove that we need to firmly believe that long-term, solid and sincere hard work will bring success to the simple values u200bu200bof success, and bring us All the controversies and reflections of her, these are wealth, and history will remember all her efforts.
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