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Live in hope

by:XY Screens     2021-08-29
Maupassant said: 'People live in hope. When the old hope is fulfilled or extinguished, the flames of new hope will ignite. If a person only counts as a living day, there is no hope at all, his life is actually It will stop.' Many people believe that hope is just as achievable as dreams. But I said that a person can have many unrealistic dreams, but hope must be based on reality, and it must be good, although sometimes it makes people feel that fate is cruel. People must live in hope, even if your hopes are constantly shattered, must have the courage to continue to find and build new hopes. Only in this way will life become full of tension and life will be rich and colorful. Once a person has no hope, his life ceases. Because hope is a magical and powerful force, people want to live for hope, as long as we sow the seeds of hope in our hearts, after hard work, our seeds can germinate, blossom, and bear fruit. If people do not have hope, it is like a bird that loses its wings and cannot fly in the sky; if there is no hope, it is like a fish that has left the water and cannot survive; if there is no hope, it is like a flower that has no fragrance and cannot be recruited. The bee guides the butterfly; if there is no hope, it is like the train has left the track and cannot move on.    There are some people who have no hope for life because they have lived in frustration for a long time, living in distant goals, or living in fantasy. They think they are holding hope, but in fact they are just fantasy. Real hope must be an extension of reality, a way forward step by step, and the realization of continuous preparation for the next beautiful step. 'Human survival depends on hope.' Hope is the flame of life and the driving force for a person to move forward courageously in a bumpy life journey. People who are full of hope in life will inevitably use their vigorous vitality to open up their bright future. In a person's life, unfortunate encounters are inevitable, and only 'hope' can overcome it. Life cannot be without hope, all people live in hope. If someone really lives in a hopeless life, then he can only be a loser. It is easy for people to encounter some failures or obstacles, so they are pessimistic and disappointed, frustrated, or lose the courage to live in front of the harsh reality; or resent others; the result is a sigh and full of complaints. In fact, people who are in adversity and do not lose hope will definitely open a way to survive and experience the true joy of life in their hearts. A life of 'hope' is powerful. A life lost 'hope' leads to failure. 'Hope' is the power of life, and those who have been holding beautiful 'dreams' in their hearts are happy. It can also be said that to live with 'hope' is a privilege that only humans are granted. Only people can produce the 'light' of hope for the future from themselves, and can create their own life. In the journey to life, the most important thing is neither property nor status. It was a thought that ignited like a flame in my chest, that is, 'hope.' Because the kind of people who don't care about gains and losses and live for great hopes will definitely be courageous. If they don't take difficulties as things, they will definitely inspire great passion and begin to shine with the wise light of insight into reality. Only those who have the light of wisdom and life-long hope are those who have the highest convictions and become the victors of life.
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