Liyue Industrial Park Fire Fighting Exercise was wonderfully staged-Projection Company-XY Screens-im

Liyue Industrial Park Fire Fighting Exercise was wonderfully staged-Projection Company

by:XY Screens     2021-08-24
At 16:00 on July 30, 2012, Beijing time, the fire drill in the industrial park organized by the Phoenix Fire Squadron and participated by all members of Liyue Industrial Park was held on the basketball court of the industrial park on time. All employees of Projection Display Technology Co., Ltd. were in Xiao Actively participated in this activity under the overall leadership. The activities included two major links: fire fighting theory and fire fighting exercises. The brilliant fire fighting theory guidance of the fire chief left a deep impression on everyone. At the same time, the superb practical exercise guidance of the firefighters taught everyone present a vivid lesson. Together with everyone’s active participation, the entire scene The atmosphere is very lively. The exercise items include the use of fire extinguishers, gas masks, and fire hydrants. This firefighting exercise made everyone understand the importance of firefighting and how to implement firefighting and self-rescue methods in the event of a fire. The significance of activities like this is beneficial to the country and the people. Significant and far-reaching. Fire-fighting guidance The frontline fire captain on-site theoretical guidance on the use of fire extinguishers On-site guidance on the use of gas masks
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