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Look at the development prospects of the projection screen market

by:XY Screens     2021-08-24
As the last link in the projection system, the projection screen is the place where the picture is directly displayed, and its importance cannot be questioned. With people’s increasing awareness of projection knowledge and increasing understanding of projection display technology, the future market demand for projection screens will continue to grow, and the expansion of education, government, business and home markets will continue to be market sales. Mainstream. Projection screen products are mainly reflected by different screen materials: white plastic screens, glass bead screens, and metal screens are suitable for cultural, educational, and institutional enterprise systems. Because of the large external light source when used, it is necessary to choose a screen with a higher gain. Suitable for home theater systems, mainly white plastic screens, pure white screens, gray screens and other low-gain screens, which can restore images to the maximum extent and achieve a more realistic effect. Suitable for engineering projects. The system mainly adopts seamless splicing technology for large-scale, arc-shaped, etc., with technical content and high implementation difficulty, and meets the requirements of ultra-wide viewing angle and ultra-large screen. The projection screen market is also divided into three levels: high, medium, and low: 1. High-end products: Mainly used in high-end audio-visual products, theaters or advanced conference demonstration halls. This type of product not only has a stylish and beautiful appearance, but also has an advanced design higher than other projection screens. 2. Mid-range products: Mainly used in general home theaters or business meeting rooms, at moderate prices, and generally acceptable to consumers who have knowledge of projection screens. There are more and more applications of projection in business activities, and its good performance in product demonstrations, company meetings, and business travel displays is favored by users. The projection screen is required to have the characteristics of portability, compactness, lightness, simple operation, and clear effects. The home market has always been a long-term optimistic market for projection screen manufacturers. Just like projector manufacturers, projection screen companies are generally aware of the huge potential market for domestic home projectors. The domestic high-end household market is in an expansion stage, and the market sales scale and profit are relatively objective. Consumers in this market can accept professional screens worth 10,000 yuan, making it one of the most profitable segments of projection screens outside of the engineering projection market. The screen appearance, dustproof, easy to clean and other features that match the projection decoration environment, and the refined screen that players demand are required. 3. Low-end products: mainly used in culture, education, government agencies, etc. Educational information construction and government procurement have always been the backbone of the projector application, and it has become an important force driving the development of the projection screen when it is shown on the projection screen. In addition, education informatization construction and government procurement are generally purchased in batches. Most of the products are concentrated in low-end applications, which usually require projection screens with large size, high gain, and high brightness. The projection screen does not have high requirements on the projector itself. The use of a low-lumen projector can get the effect of a high-lumen projector, which makes the maintenance cost plummet, and this screen basically does not require any maintenance costs, no energy consumption, and a long service life. After the calculation of professionals, if you use a low-level projector to match the orthographic projection screen, the use cost is 40% lower than the use of a traditional projection solution. The concept of 'screen dominance' not only makes people more and more aware of the leading role of the projection screen in the entire projection system, but also makes a qualitative change in the configuration of the entire projection and playback system. Detailed consultation: 400-000-3925
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