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Looking at the future of 3D projection system from the London Olympics

by:XY Screens     2021-09-25
At the time of the Olympics, it is more suitable for home use without fanatic 3D display. Unknowingly, the 2012 London Olympics has been on schedule and gradually gone. As the biggest event in the global sports world every four years, it is not only a stage for athletes to fight for their ideal results, but also Become a huge 'business opportunity' to stimulate the economy. Similarly, for some projector manufacturers, the arrival of the Olympics hopes to bring some ripples to the otherwise unremarkable market. However, this year's Olympics did not bring more volatility to the projection market compared to Beijing four years ago.   Nowadays, almost all kinds of schools, corporations, and exhibition venues frequently use projectors as standard equipment. The 1080P high-definition home projector has also transformed from the hundreds of thousands of 'high-end top equipment' in the underground listening room of the villa to the 'civilian equipment' of 10,000 yuan or even thousands of yuan. The home projector can be completely like a TV and DVD player. The ground is easily placed at home at any time. It is also worth mentioning that nowadays the price and installation environment of projector supporting equipment are constantly being simplified. Generally, the electric projection screen of nearly one hundred inches is less than one hundred yuan. Speaking of 'home theaterImagine that nearly a hundred inches of high-definition sports images are perfectly presented in your living room, and these images allow you to clearly observe the subtle changes in the facial expressions of the athletes and even the moments when sweat slips off. Yes, this kind of 'proportional' visual experience with real people is not future technology. It is not difficult to have this visual feast. All you need is a simple high-definition projector and a matching high-definition projection screen. However, the 2012 Olympics did not seem to be as 'crazy' as we thought. 'Especially the home projector market did not bring any special changes due to the arrival of the London Olympics. Compared with the Beijing Olympics four years ago The high-definition projection storm set off by Dongfeng, the 2012 Olympics did not drive the full-HD 3D home projector because of the 3D broadcast signal. On the contrary, neither manufacturers nor distributors were very cold about the Olympic business opportunities this year. 'Avatar' pushed us into the 3D era. The sci-fi blockbuster 'AvatarProjectors and 3D projection screens have also become a beautiful landscape in the display industry. At the same time, they have also become widely anticipated technologies in recent years. People are looking forward to this technology entering the home and you can experience the beauty of being in it without going out. Feeling. At the beginning of 2012, China’s first 3D TV pilot channel was broadcast on New Year’s Day and officially aired on the Spring Festival. The 3D TV pilot channel was run by CCTV, Beijing Broadcasting and Television, Shanghai Broadcasting and Television, Tianjin Broadcasting and Television, Jiangsu Broadcasting and Television, and Shenzhen Television. Waiting for the joint launch of the six units. However, more than half a year has passed, and there are still very few 3D TV show viewers. 3D TV broadcasting is still 'thunder and rain.' According to some media reports, CCTV has purchased the 3D broadcasting of the London Olympics. At that time, the Olympic Games will be broadcast through the 3D test channel. At the same time, the satellite signal of the 3D test channel will cover the whole country and can be watched for free for the time being. It seems that watching the 3D version of the Olympic Games will rekindle the hope of the audience. Hope it can be geometric?    is not only a problem with the film source, but also the provision of 3D peripherals will also be a hassle. Now whether it is a 3D projector or a 3D TV, most products will be equipped with a 3D glasses, super expensive products may also be equipped Two 3D glasses are basically enough for two people in a family to watch at the same time. And we know that the current mainstream 3D projectors are equipped with 3D glasses that are very expensive, the cheap ones are around 700 or 800 yuan, while the high-end ones cost thousands of yuan. . If there are many people watching the program in a family, the cost of buying 3D glasses is also unbearable.    In addition, watching 3D programs will also make some people feel uncomfortable, especially when the wearer is watching TV with glasses, it is more experience The above is not as good as expected. When the display device implements 3D technology, it needs to increase the refresh rate. When the left and right eyes switch the screen, it will also make many people feel dizzy and difficult to watch for a long time. Although some brands claim that they do not Flash's 3D TV, but there is no substantial change in the technical principles, it can only be said to try to alleviate this problem. In summary, watching 3D Olympic games, judging from the current state of development, it is really difficult to achieve large-scale Popularity. Although there are enough hardware equipment products and the price is cheap enough, the lack of film sources also discourages consumers from consuming 3D technology. I hope that with the advancement of technology, we may be able to compete in the next Olympic Games. Really experience the charm of 3D live broadcast. In the 2012 Olympics, we face the attack of 3D again. We are more sensible, and this sensibility will make us better face 3D!
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