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lost in the memory palace at the ago reminds us how attuned we are to sound

by:XY Screens     2020-02-19
I bought a new toaster the other day.
One called Breville Ikon.
So please think about yourself. It beeps.
I can be naive about the modern world.
This is a failure, I know.
But I just didn\'t want to ask the clerk if the toaster would beep.
My question at the appliance store was mainly related to whether it would toast or not, and actually it did a good job.
It was just the first time my whole grains became crispy and turned into perfect brown, I thought there was a reverse backhoe in the kitchen.
I always thought that the sound of the bread burst was a good signal of the bread burst.
I was thinking about my new toaster when I came back on foot from the Ontario Art Gallery and I just lost Janet Cardiff and George Braith Miller multimedia installations in the memory palace (
Until August. 18).
I had been a fan of Cardiff a few years ago, and while visiting strafus I stumbled upon her 40 movies.
The same memorable installation is now in Henry Moore\'s room, a great place to hear about it.
If you haven\'t experienced Motet, here\'s a suggestion that is actually a word: Go.
But when I came back from the past and thought about the environment that disappeared in memory of the palace, I found myself thinking about my toaster.
Actually, I was thinking about my toaster (
How memorable the sound of the palace is
Just as I was walking under the tent of a family hardware store at St University
Most hardware stores don\'t have Marquis, but this special franchise is the site of the later period
Lamenting the movie Lumiere, what the home hardware does is place the speakers in the hanging tent.
In this way, everyone, whether they are interested in garden coverings, barbecue cleaners or cordless drills, can hear ads for home hardware.
On the sidewalk.
In public space.
Of course, Home Hardware advertising is largely unintelligible.
There is too much ambient noise for them, in addition to the irritating static noise.
They are just more unnecessary noise added to many unnecessary noises in contemporary urban life.
Like outdoor advertising at a gas station.
Just like the crappy music played when you wait to see what\'s first, the end of the world or the next available carrier.
Like Mr. Hurlow.
Just like TTC speakers that communicate with customers.
Like a car alarm.
Like blowing leaves.
Like 3a wit and volumem. drunks.
Like a toaster with a beep.
Cardiff and Miller\'s achievements have created a strange and unfamiliar environment like dreams.
The noise of these \"places\" reveals how well we adapt to the sound: click on the slide machine, it rains on the roof, in the snoring of the threatening machine, to the sound, to the breath, popular with stylus on old vinyl records.
In a famous scene in the early days of Mad Men, the Draper family enjoyed a roadside picnic and then returned to their car: throw their scattered rubbish and the emptiness on the grass they just ate.
It\'s hard for me to believe people --
Even 1950 years old.
Really unaware of their own mess.
But Cardiff and Miller reminded me how we adapted to the most subtle sounds.
My toaster made me realize how casual we are, how indifferent we are, and how surrounded by garbage around us.
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