Love to fight to win, to be bright enough to be clear——Epson High-XY Screens-img

Love to 'fight' to win, to be 'bright' enough to be clear——Epson High

by:XY Screens     2021-08-27
According to relevant data, in recent years, the proportion of engineering projectors sold in the projector field has clearly shown an upward trend. With the increase of domestic exhibitions and exhibitions, more and more large-screen effects of projection splicing display are used. Engineering projectors There are more opportunities to be contacted by people, which also reflects the gradual increase in market demand from the side. As a world-renowned brand of projection equipment, Epson is a leader in multi-screen splicing technology. It has launched a series of high-end engineering projectors with ultra-high brightness and multi-screen splicing technology, which has become a large number of high-end engineering machines. The user's first choice. Love to fight to win. Although all the projectors currently on the market have the characteristics of large screens, for many users who have special needs for exhibitions, monitoring, command, and large-scale conferences, the screen of a projector It often fails to reflect the best display requirements that users want to achieve. For example, in large-scale conferences and exhibitions, due to special venue requirements, the screen size of single-screen projectors cannot show the best results that users want. In this case, the multi-projector screen splicing technology is particularly important. The built-in edge fusion technology of the Epson Z9850W high-end engineering projector is combined with the geometric correction function. It can be adjusted through the adjustment of the hardware in the early stage and the setting of the software in the later stage. The splicing of the pictures on the screen presents a seamless super-large projection picture with the brightness and color tones completely unified. One of the advantages of edge fusion technology is that users don’t have to worry about picture errors, gaps, and any sense of inconsistency after splicing. The images projected by each projector can be spliced u200bu200btogether point-to-point under the correction of the edge fusion system, just like a huge beautiful picture scroll presented in front of people. Enough “bright” to show that for users who use high-end engineering projectors, solving the brightness problem is a major reason why they choose high-end engineering projectors, because in large conferences, exhibition centers, and outdoor venues, there are usually A large number of viewers, whether they are walking or sitting in their seats, will certainly not watch the projection screen at the best distance. Some viewers may be sitting in the lower left corner of the conference room, and some may be directly in front of the screen. Objective conditions urge that the projector must have high enough brightness to allow the audience in various positions to see the picture clearly. For monitoring and command users, the brightness is even more important, because the projector screen is needed to perform For the environment of monitoring and command, it needs to be used in a relatively bright room. In this case, there will be certain requirements for the brightness of the projector. Epson EB-Z9850W adopts a targeted solution and is equipped with a professional-level brightness of up to 8500 lumens, which can not only satisfy the audience in a large conference room of thousands of square meters, but also allow users in the monitoring command center to not have to shut down in the house. The light is directly used, so that every user can clearly see everything in the picture under various conditions. In response to consumers' pursuit of high-quality images, Epson also pioneered the introduction of film filter technology. After using this technology, the color gamut of the projector has been greatly improved, reaching 134% of the sRGB color standard. For consumers, the improvement of the color gamut means that the colors are more vivid and beautiful and have more impact on the vision. The Epson Z9850W high-end engineering projector has several major features, which fully compensates for the brightness and large screen problems of the projector in super large venues. Through the processing of multi-screen splicing technology, the shocking huge screen is displayed in a seamless manner. In front of the audience, they can experience the special charm brought by high-end project projection.
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