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low energy slide projector

by:XY Screens     2019-11-26
This note describes the improvement of a project released by Openproducts in 2013: \"Low Energy Fixed Slide machine \"(CC BY NC SA).
2013 W in these 150 structures (
24 v, 4500 lumens)
The halogen lamp of the traditional slide machine is 14 W (12 V, 205 lumens)
Halogen lamps in order to achieve 91% energy saving (
This calculation includes fan power supply and adapter loss)
Light production decreased by 95%.
Basically, this project is the power reduction of the slide machine.
In this new structure (November 2018)
The LED spotlight replaces the original halogen light bulb and introduces a more efficient technology.
The power consumption of the LED spotlight is 5 w and the light yield is 350 lumens: the power consumption is reduced by about 98% when the light yield is reduced by about 92%.
With LED lights, the projector is still strong enough to display pictures on the wall.
The main question answered in this manual is: is the LED spotlight sufficient to act as a slide machine light? (Answer: yes)
Can it still work when the LED spotlight is turned on? (Answer: yes)
Can the LED spotlight give a clear projection? (Answer: yes)
The LED spotlight discussed has a visible LED, but after it is turned on, it seems to be composed of four separate LEDs inside, and there is a bridge between them.
The bridges were canceled by lens optics in the slide machine.
In addition, it is found that turning on the LED spotlight will not affect the function of the LED spotlight: there is no protective atmosphere in the LED (
Like traditional bulbs).
Finally, we find that the projected picture is accurate. sharp.
The next steps illustrate the findings in more detail.
Safety Note: In LED reconstruction, the lamp cooling fan is omitted, which eliminates the typical noise from the slide machine.
However, a powerful LED spotlight develops quite a bit of thermal energy.
To cool the light, be sure to allow enough convection around the LED spotlight.
It\'s a good idea to do a long test to see if the temperature is still acceptable.
It is recommended not to leave the projector unattended.
In the slide machine, the light source should be located exactly at the focus of the lens.
Therefore, the LED spotlight should consist of a single LED.
230 V. 5 W -350 lumen -
LED spotlight.
The lens in the LED spotlight can make the LED light more scattered.
This is exactly what people don\'t want in the slide machine, so remove the lens by gently pulling the closing ring out of its position.
After turning on the LED spotlight, it is clear that it consists of four separate LEDs inside.
Demonstrate this by projecting the LED beam through a magnifying glass (
Use a spoon-leaking effect light, see step 6 below)
, Clearly shows four different parts.
When using LED spotlights in slide machines, these four parts are no longer noticeable due to the optical properties of the projector.
The spot in the Slide machine is right at the focus of the lens.
The LED should be in exactly the same position as the filament in the original halogen lamp.
As can be seen from the picture, the size of the LED spotlight is very suitable for the available space inside the projector.
The projected photos look good and sharp.
LED spotlight warm color (2700 K)
But taking photos during the day is certainly not strong enough.
However, in half the time
It will work well and the projection will reach its best in the dark.
An important benefit of this slide machine modification is that the fan is no longer needed, which makes the device sound-free.
Diapositive, used in this instruction, presents the painting by Dutch Golden Age painter Johannes Vermeer, the girl in pearl earrings (1632 -1675).
The missing spoon effect light is another Openproducts Instructable that uses LED spotlights in the projector, this time using a magnifying glass, as shown in the picture above.
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Thank you for reading this note!
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