Lying in bed and playing with mobile phones caused high paraplegia and scared me to put my mobile ph

Lying in bed and playing with mobile phones caused high paraplegia and scared me to put my mobile phone away

by:XY Screens     2021-09-20
Long-term staying in bed and playing with mobile phones would actually cause high paraplegia? Mr. Wang, 40 years old this year, suffered from this rare case.   On the morning of November 25, Mr. Wang suddenly felt uncomfortable in his neck and numbness in his lower limbs and went to the hospital for treatment. In the afternoon of the same day, there was a high paraplegia, and the body was unable to move below the neck and was unconscious. He Rui, an orthopedic surgeon at the hospital, recalled.   Through the MRI examination, the doctor found that Mr. Wang's neck muscles were severely damaged, and he suffered from cervical spondylotic myelopathy, which caused acute compression of the cervical spinal cord and hemiplegia.   He Rui said that Mr. Wang runs a noodle restaurant, cooks noodles with his head down during the day, and stays in bed at night to play with his mobile phone until 2 or 3 o’clock in Lingcheng. He flexes his neck for a long time, which eventually led to a tragedy. Doctor    performed cervical spinal cord decompression surgery. At present, the patient's high paraplegia symptoms have basically disappeared. The doctor said that this is due to timely diagnosis and treatment and surgery.   Qin Hui, a therapist in the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Chengdu Second People's Hospital, said that long-term use of mobile phones and tablets, long-term desk work, long neck bending, fatigue and even damage to the neck muscles can lead to cervical spondylosis.  In recent years, more and more people suffer from cervical spondylosis, mostly related to unhealthy living habits. Although mobile phones have brought convenience to life, we should not neglect our health. When watching TV and movies at home, it is recommended that everyone choose a large-screen player, which can relieve eye fatigue and is healthier than looking down at the phone for a long time.
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